Day 17 Buenos Aires

Day 17 Buenos Aires last group meeting

Day 17 Buenos Aires

Second And Final Day in Buenos Aires

Today is second and final day in Buenos Aires.
Get up again this morning for a breakfast full of sugar once again, however it was a rough night and I have problems getting out of bed for awhile this morning, till about noon time. Finally get up this morning and make out into the outdoor pedestrian mall area to meet up with the group. I meet them by the local mall so we can go for lunch. A few others of the group arrive and we find out one girl named Jen got her camera stolen, with all her trip photos on it, it is gone. The area had  many thousands of people walking about shoulder to shoulder, quite busy. So it was easy to get something stolen.
We go to the mall and food court for lunch, I have some pasta this afternoon.

Day 17 Buenos Aires

During this time Jen and her side kick Kristina meet up with the local police to file the report, just in case a camera is found.
From here we go out and do some more walking around the city and checking things out. I go back to La Boca just because I like it there and then walk into some shops areas. From here it is a very hot day so I go to a market and buy more water and make it back to hotel to get cool.

Night Out

Later in evening we rejoin the remaining members of our group and head out for dinner with our tour leader Alexandra. We make it to the main square of the city and find a nice steak house to go an eat. The last meal here is really good, we get good buns and have good steak, it overall was great way to end the trip and final dinner with this group.
From here we say good bye to Trina who is from Germany and we head off to a Irish pub for some drinks.

Day 17 Buenos Aires

Last Group Meeting

I have a Heineken beer here and its ok but a bit skunky, usually the best beer but this time no. We all have a few drink and then I call it a night early. As I have to fly to Chile in the morning for an extended trip. I leave with Alexandra and the 2 British girls. Say are final good byes and get each others facebook addresses. Off to hotel and say good bye to Alexandra and 2 girls from UK and called it a night.

South American Adventure

Overall it was a very fun group and we had great times on our South American Adventure. Alexandra was a great tour leader and worked too hard for us. I would recommend to travel with GAP Adventures again, it was well coordinated and organized. Let me know if you plan to travel anywhere with GAP adventures, as I can answer all your questions from my experiences.
Anyhow I have 2 more days worth of blogs here I do a trip to Santiago de Chile, stayed tuned for next days of blogs. Thanks

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