Day 17 – Cruise 1

1 November 2014

1st day of cruise
so doing a vacation type of trip, seems less interesting to read vs more on sightseeing. But shall blog about this anyways.
Get up early and have breakfast at the buffet again, very nice. Then relax till check out time. Figure i get to the cruise port early. So leave hotel and take yellow taxi to port of Miami. Cab driver talks about the tunnel into the cruise port etc.
Arrive at cruiseport and see the big ships towering overhead. finally to terminal 3 and see the ship i am on . Norwegian Getaway. So far looks amazing. So check in early and go through security. I decide to be smart and bring on my bags. Not worry about the checked bags. like everyone else who uses such service.
So get to waiting area and avoid getting photo done.

view from state room

Then only wait an hour till boarding. Finally time to board Everyone around is excited and happy. Walking onto the ship and getting the first sight of it is so very amazing. Thing is huge , brand new and amazing. Once on board i walk about and check out whole ship and all the floors. Then go have lunch in the Garden room. more less a huge all you can eat buffet. full of everything you can imagine, you can eat anytime you wish and all day long. in general an amazing experience. See my stateroom, which has a balcony, amazing. Big and nice. Service is amazing. and full luxury.
more less day is spent, eating, going on pool and a few drinks. Overall a different experience. Recommend this whole thing to everyone. Later in evening go to a meet and greet for solo people. Nice idea. People are a bit sluggish so nto really my thing. Go and see the Solo lounge which is quite neat. Overall good service. Cabin stewards do the rooms around 3 times a day. So always have a clean good room. Onward to next day.

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