Day 17 of Japan and Korea Adventure

Day 17 of Japan and Korea Adventure October 20th, 2012

Day 17 of Japan and Korea AdventureWell get on a start with my 2nd time in Seoul. So get up early this morning as I want to get a good start on exploring this amazing city. Figure first part of action is to find the War Memorial Museum to which I do. I get on the metro and navigate to that part of the city.

I first explore the outside of the museum and all the monuments from the statue of brothers to all the aircraft and sea boats that are on display from all the countries. It is to profile all the countries that helped during the Korean war.

War Memorial of Korea is located in Yongsan-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It opened in 1994 on the former site of the army headquarters to exhibit and memorialize the Military history of Korea.

The memorial building has six indoor exhibition rooms and an outdoor exhibition centre displaying over 13,000 war memorabilia and military equipment.

It is an interesting museum that educates of all the battles Korea was involved with. When I entered the museum I was stopped by an older local guy. He was a Museum volunteer who was eager to speak his english. So he guided me around the museum for 2 hours explain all about the Korean war and his experiences in the war as well.

This was a very education experience here and I will never drink another can of milk and chocolate out of the vending machine again, enough said

Day 17 of Japan and Korea AdventureSo once I was done at the Museum I then made the long walk to get to the Seoul tower. During this walk I go by the US military base perimeter without knowing it. What gave it away were all the americans and guards walking around in the area.

I stop near a convenience store during my walk for a quick on the go lunch, grab some type of sandwich and a bag of chips, lunch of champions.

Then make my way to the park of the Seoul tower, it is a long way up as there is a long path to get there. Make my way all up the many many steps to get the tower.

Most people take a bus to get there. I walked. I finally at the tower, I pay for my ticket then get to the line of the elevator. OF course I am made to do one of those souvenir photo things to which they sell to you later at crazy inflated prices.

So once up the tower I get a great view of the city. Seoul is an amazing looking city, very vast and it stretches very far. Looks like one could easily spend 2 weeks just visiting this city in itself.

Once done at the tower I refused to buy my tourist photo and I go for some ice cream, chocolate ice cream and its all hand made ice cream.

I then make my way down the steps and off this big hill. Make way walking into the city more to another area to check out. I end up in another district of lots of markets. Many things are being sold here and also more Korean BBQ tents are nearby.

Hang out for awhile here and sample some local cuisine of course.

I then make my way to another bunch of streets that have all of there various countries flags across. I am in the district of Itawon which is more of a westernized area of Seoul. Where there is largest population of english speaking foreigners here.

Here is some information about the district. Itaewon (Korean: 이태원, 梨泰院, [itʰɛwʌn]) is a city district, in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It is served by Seoul Subway Line 6 via Itaewon, Noksapyeong and Hanganjin stations. About 22,000 people reside in the district and it is a popular area for residents of Seoul, tourists, and U.

S. Military personnel.

Many restaurants serving international dishes are found in this area including cuisine from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, and Mexico, foods that are not widely available in Korea. The Seoul Central Mosque is also located in Itaewon.

Itaewon is also, along with Insadong and Seoul Tower, one of the most popular areas in Seoul for tourists.

Major hotels such as the Hyatt and local landmark Hamilton Hotel can be found here as well as dozens of shops and services aimed at tourists. High quality leather products in Korea can be found here at reasonable prices (though haggling is expected) as well as various types of traditional Korean souvenirs. Counterfeit goods and clothing are ubiquitous and of varying quality, but some genuine goods which are produced in Korea for the international market as well as some authentic imports can sometimes be found here. Itaewon is also known to have various tailors that peddle their services for making custom-made suits.

Day 17 of Japan and Korea AdventurePart of Itaewon contains a district that is well[1] known as the Hooker Hill. The part of the town is very popular among the United States military personnel[2][3] (locally better known as “GIs”).[4] As a preventative measure, “the Hill” is also patrolled by the locally stationed United States military Police.

Hooker Hill is part of the US military culture of Korea among which are also “kimchi squat”.[6]

So overall in this area. All I did was good for dinner at a Spaghetti shop. It was very overpriced food and I decide that this area is not for me and I want to spend more time in the real korea, not that area.

From here it is getting later and I decide to call it a day. Head back to hostel by metro. Only to discover some emergency bathroom stop onroute as the Spaghetti I had was virus infected.

Anyways onward to the next day in Seoul.

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