Day 18 and 19 of Asia Adventure

Day 18 and 19 of Asia Adventure October 21st, 2012

The next 2 days in Seoul Korea I will sum up in just some of the attractions I visited.

The last night did not sleep at all. As one of the downfalls of staying in a dorm. Your neighbors may not want to sleep and party all night. 2 guys were on the computer in the dorm all night, listening to bagpipe music all night.

Day 18 and 19 of Asia AdventureThen 2 other girls in the dorm came back from the bar during the night and one was puking all night in the bathroom. Made it a very entertaining night, thank goodness for my iPod, could block out some of those sounds.

So get a early start on the next 2 days to see more of Seoul. Walking around and travelling by metro.

Some of the areas visited. Most of all the palaces in the city, I wont mention names, Also to Dongdaemun for the markets. Went to Gangnam. Coex mall and casino. Explored the fish market area , learned more education at Seodaemun prison.

Butchon Hanok Village of course with its amazing homes.


I was not able to do the planned hike of Bukhansan park as it poured rain that day so instead I had a rain day and wander the city in the rain.

I visited the World Cup Stadium and all the surrounding areas. Even walked in the itaewon again and saw other areas there.

Overall Seoul is a totally amazing city with many things to offer.

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Where I do the tour to DMZ and the JSA. A very interesting read for sure.

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