Day 2 of Cruise and Rest of Week on Cruiseship to End

ay 2 of cruise

november 2nd 2014

Getting up this morning on day 2 of cruise was great. Bed in room was so comfy that slept the best ever.
early morning so head to the above deck running track. Run for about an hour, and try to burn the 10000 calorie a day meal plan. Then running hard for an hour its breakfast time. So load up on eggs, coffee and bacon, so much for running.
Later that day do the Cruise Critic meet up in Cagney’s Steakhouse. Fun little event, chat to a few people and have a muffin and juice. Then off to deck 6 for a information session about the running of a ship. From questions and answers to how the staff run the whole process.
Then off to rest of day doing cruise stuff. From sitting on the sun deck, doing some new drinks.

Lunch time is at the Bar and Grill restaurant which has another buffet style of food.
Supper time is seafood night in the buffet area. Lots of all types of food to choose from. I make a sample of everything that is offered.
Evening , play some video games on the arcade and then check out the casino. Play some games in the casino and lose about $90 on slots. But at least have a glass of wine.
From later later check out the H20 deck for the night time, dance club. Done up very well actually. Video dance screen party type of deal. Cruise director is making the evening pleasant. not a dancer at all myself so sit there and more less just observe. Quite good as they run it like a show, interview people and lots of photos being taken.
Overall i am here to just observe the daily operations of a cruise vacation experience.


Day 3 Cruise
November 3 2014

3rd day of cruise, as once again this is more of relaxation vacation vs sightseeing so i wont bore you. In general. Get up this morning and have a coffee in the room. Do a few push ups and sit ups.
Then go up to track and run around for 30 minutes. Breakfast is in Garden Eden for some more fruit this time, but did eat eggs and bacon. so bad
And coffee and juice Then hang out on deck with more orange juice.
Back to room to relax on balcony only to wait for lunch and back to buffet again.
At Buffet have more vegetables this time, more like stir fry vegetables and salads, nice change from eating meat all the time. Then back to room where i am making this blog. Time to keep out of public eye today.

Relaxing day, and then off to Garden Edn for dinner which is a mix of all types of salads and pastas so couldnt decide, so took a bit of everything,  and milk. It was raining outside now, so seems some parties are not happenicng

evening iu just take a gander around the deck, play some expensive video games, but fun, then eat again and call it nite, one thing being solo on a cruise is not doing many things u would do in a group, such as fancy dining etc.

also find it annoying now on ship to alway bump into people the whole time,


Day 4 of Cruise\
November 4 2014

On another day of the cruise, finally doing a port of call today. Considering have eaten so much in last many days. Try to cut calories today. so no meals at all till later. Get up early this morning to watch the ship arrive to the island of st, Maarten, which is both a dutch and french island.
Arriving you can see rain in distance but smells quite fresh. Arriving at port, was able to get off ship quickly. However was my first time going down the decks and got lost trying to find way out of the ship. But able to get to deck 4 and leave the ship for once. Onto the pier and get a map. Make the mistake of paying 7 dollars for the water taxi only to realize it was faster to walk to the town and easier. all well, on the town, it starts to pour rain abit but is a tropical rain.

arrival to St Maarten

Once stopped walk around the town, at port are confronted by people wanting to sell tours and everything else. Town is full of shops but all north american crap. like Nike shoes and Iphones. So really nothing to buy here. Town is quite bustling and does seem different. So finally take a taxi from port about $10 and take to Orient Beach, Nice beach as this is one of the highlights of the St Maarten, nice white sand and green water. After here head in taxi to Maho beach to watch the airplanes take off and land . if you seen videos on youtube, this is considered one of the most craziest airports in the worlds. Planes take off direct at the beach, you basically can literally stand behind the plane and get blasted when it takes off. Very fun times. So finally after good times taxi back to boat and simple buffet for dinner. Later in evening fireworks at H20 Club and more less rest up for St Thomas next day.



Day 5 of Cruise
November 5 2014

So get up for another exciting adventure aboard the Getaway. Up at about 5am this morning so i could watch the entry to port of St Thomas. still dark outside but can see the lights of the island in view. Seems my cabin is on best side of the ship so i can see the city appear as ship arrives. Getting light out and have some coffee. Get the ship and watch entry to port of St Thomas, So far looks amazing, more manicured, more richer place.
So we get there early and i have a tour booked this time to see how the cruise ship runs these things.
So tour is called the Ecohike and Beach of St John Island. Go to getaway theatre and get organized. Then follow the tour people out of ship and to a small boat. Boat heads to st john island about 45 minute boat ride.

going by all these homes that stars and high end people own. Seems many people own the homes but never use or live in them ever.
Guide gives some interesting facts about this US Virgin Island etc. How it is a separate country but yet us doesnt recognize it as so, yet people have to pay a federal us tax but not able to vote for US federal elections or are consider US citizens.
Arrival on to island of st john is nice, get into a group for the hike. Hike is like a mile and shorter then expected, could have done it on my own. Guide points out interesting things, like how some plants are poison and some of the insects that live near by, quite interesting. We finally make it to a beach but only have 15 minutes there as we were supposed to have an hour, all well.

So we get some water there and head back through this resort to a jeep and back to the boat. Seeing this one fortress nearby. Get back on the ferry to get to the cruise ship again. Overall decent tour but short but a way to see St Thomas, a sample of it all. BAck on ship have lunch which is salad bar and milk as stomach is now saying, no more meat please. for sweets just have watermelon and call it a day. Afternoon is spent relaxing on movie deck in a chair watching everyone. I think no more alcohol or meat for rest of trip.
Finally around 430pm we leave St Thomas. watch the Carnival Glory leave port before us which is interesting. Then our ship leaves. Good day overall.

Evening well more less go for dinner in the buffet area and take it easy on the stomach. Just have a big salad. Then try one of the soups for the first time. Try the french onion soup and its amazing. Almost i had to sit down to eat this so amazing. Dessert is just some fruit, cantaloupe, honey dew melon and watermelon at least better then cake.
Then later go for a walk around the ship again and see things going on. Go to the H20 deck for the movie called Get It Ralph. Animated movie but really good. Then have a fruit and dessert from buffet again and call it a night as i love my stateroom, so comfortable.



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