Day 2 of Calgary Trip 2003

Day 2 of Calgary Trip 2003Day 2 of Calgary Trip 2003

Day 2 of Calgary Trip 2003, My Trip to Calgary and Surrounding area in Alberta, Canada 2003 page 2

June 24 to July 2nd 2009

Today is a bright and early day. Get up and I have a meat sandwich I bought from Safeway’s, as my breakfast today.

Then it is off for an adventure today in Calgary, I get into the car and drive out of the parking lot.

I drive down the road to the nearest Home Depot. The Calgary C train station is right behind and I use the store parking lots to park because it is free.

Zoo Station

I get onto the C train and make it to the Zoo Station, to visit the Calgary Zoo of course.

I goto the ticket booth and pay about 10 dollars to enter the grounds.

It is a good zoo as I was here back in 1986, so trip down memory lane. In the zoo I saw, goats, swans, pigs, birds, owls, moose, bears, hippos, apes and many many other animals. eagles

It was overall a good zoo and good to see it, only problem, it was hard finding Pepsi, I had a huge urge to get a bottle of Pepsi and could not find any.

I search and searched everywhere, finally I found a Pepsi machine just outside a stale washroom near the entrance.

Eau Claire Market

Anyways, I leave this zoo area behind and take the train back into downtown Calgary. I walk around the city and end up at the Eau Claire Market.

This is a description of the Eau Claire Market: The neighbourhood of Eau Claire in Calgary,AlbertaCanada is located immediately north of Downtown, and south of the Bow River and north of 4th Avenue. A mix of riverside condominiums, shopping, restaurants, hotels, a large public plaza and urban parkland make Eau Claire one of Calgary’s most popular areas. Contained within Eau Claire is the city’s Festival District.

The area, which was developed from reclaimed industrial land, fronts the Bow River and sits immediately north of 3rd Avenue South.

I found it to be a really neat area, quite busy as many people are in the outdoor cafes drinking Corona and eating good food. I have lunch at a nearby Subway, and order a roast beef sandwich, a little salty but good regardless.

I then do another walk about in the downtown area before heading back onto the C train to get back to Home Depot to get my car. I drive back to hotel for a afternoon rest.

French Maid

Later on, I decide to go out and try to find this one Adult Club nearby called the French Maid. There are about 3 French Maids in Calgary, I go to the one in Southern Calgary. It has a huge parking lots and a lawyers office is located in same building, how odd?

I enter the establishment and its about 5 dollars cover so I go in and have a table. Beer was a bit over priced. The dancers were of good talent however this was not a good adult club, you sit over 50 feet from the stage and nothing else happens then just watching a still clothed dancer on stage.

So overall Alberta Adult Clubs are not worth going to. Check out my official review on French Maid.

I head back to my hotel for a rest before events later this evening.

Night Life in CalgaryNight Life in Calgary

Later on that early evening it was time for supper, so I drove off down the road and found a Hooters restaurant, there are 2 of them in Calgary. So I decided to give this one a try. IT was a good restaurant, service was great, food good, beer good and service was good eye candy. I would go on, but check out my official review of Hooters in Calgary.

I drive back to hotel for a short rest before this evenings more entertainment.

This evening there is a nice night club down the street called Outlaws. Has good music and typical top 40 music. I go there and pay my cover and go in. It ends up being a very rocking place. Good looking people and lots of good music and decent beer. I would go on, but check out my review of Outlaws.

No big incidents happened here, as they say, what happens on the road stays on the road.

Anyhow, I am back to hotel as I have big day ahead of me tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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