Day 2 Of Chicago Adventure

Day 2 of Chicago Adventure

Get up this morning from a good and restful sleep.1294122_12494228922923_bigthumb
I am now off for a day 2 of my Chicago Adventure. I start my day off with some of the complimentary coffee in the room, I never drink coffee, but why not, I fill up, my cup with all the sugar and non-dairy creamer, yak, and breakfast.

I make my way down the elevator to the outside of my hotel onto Ohio St. I make my way down to Grand St. It looks like a beautiful sunny day today and its going to rock and roll. I make my way to the metro train and then I board the green line.
1294122_1249422899833_bigthumbI think I am on the wrong line, but it still goes to where I wanted to get. I am off to the Museum of Science and Industry today its on 57th sty.

I get off the train in around 54th st and realize I am still many blocks from the museum. This area seems a little shady, as it looks rough and lots of graffiti around, fortunately it is early morning so all is fine.
I make my way east to find the Museum. I walk a few many blocks and end up at the University of Chicago area and the resident hospitals are nearby. Looks like a good area, however I think was walking in some type of Boys town neighbourhood as I, well saw a few people here. I won’t say any more.

I find my way to the museum and the outside of it is very grand, a very interesting looking building and big. I go inside and make my long way down the stairs to the main lobby area. There is a special exhibition of Harry Potter going on here today, however I have never watched a movie or read a book so no interest for me. I buy the ticket for general admission and enter this exciting world of history.1294122_12494228934756_bigthumb
The main attraction in the museum is an old WWII German Submarine the U505. I am going to make that my last stop here. As it will end it all off with a major bang.
I first go to the antique car area first, lots of old cars from the 1940’s and up to modern times almost.
There is a solar car racer here, makes you wonder why we are not driving them yet. As well just regular car racing cars here, quite neat.
I make it to the other displays of airplanes from Wars and passenger planes as well. Not as grand from what I saw last year in Washington DC, but still quite neat.
Finally after a few hours I make it downstairs to see the old Submarine, many others are here as well, very busy. It was worth the wait and it’s totally awesome to see. I recommend all you travbuddies to come and check it out when in Chicago.

1294122_12494229026479_bigthumbI then leave the Museum and get into a taxi and decide to get to the famous Aquarium the John Shedd Aquarium. It is a few miles from here and I do not want walk back to the train station, so I taxi to aquarium. I get to the Aquarium and discover the line to get inside is way outside and going around some corner and on forever.
I decide I will come back tomorrow and make an adventure here. I go for a burger at near by concession stand and a Pepsi and called it a lunch. Not an adventure meal but it was convenience and I was here.
I make my way walking towards downtown and walk along the waterfront, All the fancy boats. People are camping out along the pathway as there is a major Festival going on tonight here, called Venetian night, I might come and check it out.
I make it back to hotel and have a brief afternoon rest.

Later in the day I head out for another adventure. I am going off to the North Avenue Beach. I leave and decide to walk along the path near the beaches to get to North Avenue. The weather is still warm and sunny and beach is all full. I get to North Avenue and its full of Beach volleyball courts and many competitions going on right now, lots of girls in their skimps here.
I get a message from a travbuddy who is in Chicago, she is having a party but I find out she is too far, near O’Hare and I am downtown, too far.
Anyhow, I really like this beach area and decide I will come back to check it out more tomorrow. There is a nice Festival on tonight, I want to see on Lincoln Ave. So that is my next adventure for tonight.1294122_12494228921367_bigthumb
I walk toward to find the Festival on Lincoln Ave. On Route I walk through Lincoln Park and onto Oz Park and find the Tin man. I then find Lincoln Ave. But there is no festival nearby, however the road seems very long. So I just walk up the street, many many blocks. I think after an hour of walking I finally make it to the festival grounds.
The Lincoln Ave festival was very busy with thousands of people here. It was over 5 blocks long on this street with bars and restaurants. Many stages with many bands from all types of music here. You can get beer and food from tonnes of vendors up the entire street. I get ID’d here and get my armband of joy to say I Was checked of proper age.
The rest of the evening was spent drinking Bud and lots of BBQ food, totally awesome.
The eye candy here was totally amazing all evening.
Afterwards I call it an evening and I have to walk back to downtown. I spent all my money here and have no money left for taxi back to my hotel. So I walk many miles back to downtown, good thing the weather was nice out. I miss Venetian night but all well, Lincoln Ave rocked and now I want to go back here Next year for it.
Stay tuned for day 3 of Chicago.

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