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Day 2 of East Coast Adventure 2003SCAN0019-Copy-2-1

Wales Tower – Point Pleasant Park

Day 2 of East Coast Adventure get up this morning for another adventure in the city ofHalifax. Check out the breakfast that was offered at the hotel and it looked like crap. So I head off in the car to the downtown of the city. Head to the grocery store of Sobeys and get some real food here to last me a few days.

Head to go and check out a famous local park of Point Pleasant Park. It was hit by a big hurricane the previous year in which many of the trees were all cut away. There are some good sights in the park I go to a castle like structure called the Prince of Wales tower, an interesting structure. I go down to the water front of the park and see a Canadian Navy ship sailing into the city.

Day 2 of East Coast Adventure 2003

There are quite a few little buildings and gazebos located along this park. As well a big boat parking are and many nice cottages. The day is quite sunny, warm and the sky is very blue today.

York Redoubt

After being here for awhile I head off into the car and travel out a scenic highway. I make it to a few military places such as the York Redoubt that had many cannons. I see here a cruise ship come sailing in as well, as I have never seen one actually. From here on the high top I get a good view of the Halifax harbour and the Atlantic Ocean. I then continue my journey up the highway, I make it to this one beach area I found off a sign on the highway. It is called Crystal Crescent beach, I go and park near the beach. It is a nice area and good place for a family to hang out. It is no Caribbean Beach by any means.

Day 2 of East Coast Adventure 2003

But good If you lived here. Anyways at beach I see this trail near by with no signs on it so I decide to go for a hike. I go and follow the trail up a hill for awhile and then end up at another beach area in some secluded area. I go and check it out only to run across a really embarrassing situation. I go and stand on the beach and look over and I see these 2 guys coming out of the bushes nearby holding hands and to top that off, they were completely naked. I just stumbled onto an official nude beach. So I realize this place is really not my type of area to hang out in, I decide to hike back to the other side. On walking back to the other beach, I run into 2 other guys walking to the secluded beach and they were also totally naked, not my cup of tea for sure. Anyhow I got out of there as quickly as I could.

Day 2 of East Coast Adventure 2003

Peggy’s Cove

I continue to follow this road for some more and end up a few fishing villages, quite quant. Then from here I make it to Peggy’s Cove. Another rocky village but the main thing to see here is the light house which is still an official Canada Post office, quite neat. You can even mail letters from here home. I go and walk around the rock and watch the ocean surf crash against the rocks here. Watch out for the waves as you can get sucked out to sea. From here I drive up the road and make it to the Memorial area of the Swiss Air flight 111. The angles of the memorial as lined up with the exact crash location. Even relatives of the victims moved to Nova Scotia to be near the site.

I leave this area and make it back into the city.

Day 2 of East Coast Adventure 2003

damage from the hurricane

I make it across the bridge in Halifax to Dartmouth and drive about. I accidentally drive through a few pedestrian crossing signals with people crossing, not used to these. I make it to a mall and walk around for awhile and take in a lunch at the food court. The only thing I buy is a pair of shoes for 7 bucks at Zellers, that bout it. I then head back to Halifax for abit of a rest. Later in evening, I drive down to the waterfront and go have a supper at a plaza area. I have some salmon dish and Pepsi tonight. I later then head out for the evening, taking in the good night life here. I go and check out a Cheers bar and have a few drinks. Then I was at a night club for a while, before settling in for the evening and heading back to the hotel, that was my adventure for 2nd day in Halifax.

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