Day 2 of Golden BC ski trip 2013

Day 2 of Golden BC ski trip 2013

Today is Feb 19 Day 2 of Golden BC ski trip 2013. First day of Adventure for skiing. So ski resort of Kicking Horse opens at 9pm for first lift up . I make my way there for 8am so I can get a good parking spot and take photos of the nice resort. Taking the road there you drive up this really fun road. You cross the Kicking Horse river and make it up the winding road to the resort. It is nice and clear of snow and ice and a fun drive, Arrive at the resort I park across the street and it is free. I then go into the day lodge and buy a lift ticket for 4 days. Good buy . Looking around the lodge, has a nice place to eat lunch so that is where I will have lunch today.

Day 2 of Golden BC ski trip 20139 am comes along and I board the gondola to take to the top. Riding the gondola is good as the attendants put your skis on the outside rack and up you go.

From going up can see the view of the town of Golden and valley of mountains, very nice. I look at the ski hills and examine what is good to ski. This resort has a variety of all types of runs from moguls, chutes, bowls, fast, slow and all levels.

On getting to top of mountain the first thing you see is the Eagle Eye restaurant. The highest elevated restaurant in Canada. It is something to see and a unique place to have such a structure. Restaurant offers some amazing food and great views of the mountains. The runs and conditions were great, a bit hard packed for this time but still the best, There are many runs I do that morning to just scope out the runs and how you look for the lines. So first day is more of an orientation day of skiing.

When lunch time comes I go into the day lodge. It is only 1130 am and no crowds yet so I have a seat for me. I have a hotdog and fries and beer for 13 dollars, all well what can you do. But good hot dog and fries for sure.

So after lunch its back to the slopes again, right till last lift at 4pm. I could go on and tell about each ski run but that would be a lot to talk about. So I will sum it all up and say it was amazing skiing that day. Great runs and the best terrain I have ever seen.

After skiing, get back to car and drive back to motel. On route I go to Subway and have dinner in room with some beer. Then in evening go for a walk around the town. There is a nice pedestrian bridge by downtown, all made of wood and nice to walk across.

Downtown is quite quiet at night, however it is still nice. I enjoy every minute of this nice quiet area. I for sure will come back.

So back to the motel and go for a nice sleep till morning and back to more skiing for next few days.

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