Day 2 of In Search of Iguassu

Day 2 of In Search of Iguassu

Day 2 of In Search of Iguassu

Today is my 2nd day in city of Rio.

I am leaving my hostel and heading to the hotel Gap Adventure uses for the hotel here.

I have a breakfast at the hostel which is like cake and coffee, but too funny. I would love to stay as the girls from Norway are really nice and the party was just getting started.

I check out and find out I have to pay for my room all in cash, an inconvenience but all well. I flag down a taxi outside. I get into the taxi and the driver looks like this guy named Donny I travel with back in 2006 to Russia, too funny. Anyways I gave him address for hotel I am at and he has no clue where it is. Good thing I had the phone number for it. WE finally make it to the hotel which was behind some alley way behind a bunch of delivery trucks.

Day 2 of In Search of Iguassu

Hotel by Gap Adventure

I check into this hotel and find out I have to share the room with some dude from Australia. I leave my bags In the room and go about more exploring. I go check out Copocabana Beach area which was quiet but nice and went to downtown. Then had lunch of a beer at some beer stand on the beach. The meal of champions.

I go back to the hotel and this hotel is kinda dodgy. Well just really simple, I assume its Gap Adventure style.

I meet up with my room mate some guy named Peter from Australia and he is without luggage as it went missing. He was just travel in Banff, Alberta Canada, small world.

Anyhow, have an afternoon rest and watch Lethal Weapon 3 in Spanish on the television.god! Day 2 of In Search of Iguassu

Experience Extraordinary Pizza

This evening we go have our group meeting. There is about 12 people in this group from UK, Australia, and one guy from Vancouver Canada. Our trip leader is this girl name Alexandra from Brazil. She goes over all the rules and regulations of trip. It sounds very exciting so far. After the meeting we all go to this pizza restaurant. It was one of the unique places I have eaten pizza before. The pizza was all types from banana to beef pizza. Then best part of all was the dessert pizza. They had a chocolate pizza, quite amazing. Check out my photos of this unique dish.

Anyways from here we make it back to our wonderful hotel and call it a night. As tomorrow we leave RIO and head to Ilha Grande, Brazil, Stay tuned.

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