Day 2 – Road Trip USA – 2013

Day 2  – To Omaha, Nebraska  – Oct 21 2013

Day 2 – Road Trip USA – 2013
Start of day 2 of that 2013 Road trip in USA. Get up early this morning and put together my own breakfast of a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Actually It is very fulling and holds me over for a long time and quite healthy. So check out of motel and make way down I35 for another adventure. Off to Des Moine, Iowa first. On route today, there is quite abit construction so most of road is narrow bit, I have the local country music station on. Driving into Iowa, reveils how flat it is and lots of corn fields. Still quite good to see though.
Finally after some time, make it into the city of Des Moines. I follow my GPS to get to the main capital building. This is the state capital and apparently one of the most nicest state capital buildings in the USA. The capital building is quite stunning with all of its gold on the top dome. Worth a look.
Walking around the area, it is quite cold and my hands get cold, decide its time to get something to eat. First things first have to get some gas as i am down to a quarter tank. Go and find this gas station called Kum and Go. A very different type of name of a gas station. Fill up the tank and then go for a lunch break at Burger King due it being convenient. I am thinking maybe become a vegetarian after eating that meal. thoughts and suggestions please?
So back on the road for a few more hours to get to Omaha. On route come across a section of a big truck that is on fire on the side of the road. Seems almost every part of the interstate has some type of construction.

So finally make it into Omaha and journey to find the hotel i am staying at. a Super 8 . yay
at room figure out plan of action for evening. The drive into main part of city of downtown. I first make it down to the River walk section of the city. This area is very stunning amazing. Well done areas where there is this amazing Suspension bridge. A great walking path along the river and is so clean and inviting.
Then walk around more in the downtown areas of the city. A very nice city so far and has good features. Seems very clean and inviting.  Overalls a good overview of the city. The durham museum i will go to the next day as it is closed on Mondays
Stay tuned for next day. in Omaha

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