Day 2 to Charleston South Carolina

Day 2 to Charleston South Carolina October 1st, 2010

Day 2 to Charleston South Carolina get up this morning after a nice quiet sleep at the Sleep Inn and go downstairs for the included breakfast which is not too bad. Cereal and juices, coffees and some waffles so quite complete as well there is fruit included, good way to start the day.

Check out of hotel and get into the car and set my GPS for Charleston South Carolina.

Day 2 to Charleston South CarolinaI then leave the city and onto the Interstates without any problem. While driving I decide to experiment and set my GPS for the fastest route in which I ended up on secondary highways. Going up this other road was interesting as I was going be many old trailer homes with rocking chairs in front, quite interesting.

Driving is quite good and all I can say lots of fun, listened to many good musics on the local radio. After a bit I make it back onto the Main Interstate, by this time it is time for lunch in which I stop at MacDonald which was really the only option at this time. I have Big mac, fries and a Coke which is quite good. Then afterwards I gas up to top off the tank before making my final descent to Charleston. Later in the afternoon I finally make it into Charleston and arrive at the hotel Best Western Sweet Grass Inn located on the Savannah Why. Hotel check in is good and front desk clerk Sophie is very nice. I get to my room and figure out rest of my evening. It is going to be great tonight

I then drive to the main part of Charleston thanks to the GPS and make my way downtown to a main park and find a meter parking area and park.

Put some money in meter and realize in one hour I have free parking so it is all good. I then go about and explore this amazing city. I could describe all that I saw but that would take some time so instead Just check out my photos and that should tell The story, otherwise ask me many questions I love answering questions.

I go to the information centre of this really historic building and get some pamphlets and then go for a big walk about taking photos of the slave mart and all the homes and buildings here I make my way down to Battery park and to the Battery by the water and take in the many sites there. Many people are out and about enjoying this amazing place. I think I have found a wondering place to go to.

I continue to walk around and around the water area going to many good stores and seeing the many people around this amazing city. This is totally amazing and I think you all should come on down here.

After a while I make a quite stop of food from some pizza place as it is quick and simple and continue my journeys, lots of walking today. Finally then find the car later that evening and make it back to hotel as it has been a great day. Off to new Adventure the next day.

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