Day 2 USA and Cruise 2014

Day 2 USA and Cruise 2014

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Day 2 – Oct 17 2014 – USA and Cruise 2014

Started this day off planning it all out. Considering Denver is a nice outdoor city. Figure i do most of my first day on foot. so set off and walk in the proper direction to get to my first stop will be City Park. Nice walking in various residential areas. good homes in this city. Day is sunny but cool out at this time. Finally after walking a very long time, make it to city park. see a nice golf course and Downtown Skyline of the city in view. Going to be good time. First attraction is the Denver Science and Nature Museum. Looks like a nice building so i will go inside.
Experience here was truly amazing. Museum has animal exhibits from all over the world. Things about whales, Planetarium, and Imax Theatre.

Things about history of space. More less a big package of wonders good for everyone. I posted a review on other areas.
From here then i did the mile long walking path in City Park. goes around this old lake and then i ended up at the zoo. Weather is nice. sunny, and very warm. I enter the Denver Zoo. Zoo is very good. Has animals of all types. monkeys, elephants, birds, you name it. Very well lay out. Very very busy though. Seems that it is full of school children running around. So have to be careful of where you step. Have a small break for lunch which was some overpriced grease pizza and a bottle of water, yay.
On wards to more walking around in the city. I then walk down to downtown to Capital Hill. The state capital building of Colorado. Quite impressive as there seems to be many great buildings in this city that are old and interesting to see.

AT this point my legs are stumbling a bit from walking all day long. i think over 15 miles so far. Then i make way into downtown and walk up 16ave. Which is a pedestrian, mall, full of shops, bars, restaurants, more less the place to be seen. Quite neat as there is like a free bus that goes up and down the street. so you no need to walk.
So then i walk to one of the main stadiums in the city the Coors Light stadium where the baseball team plays. A good structure wish i could be here for a game, all well next time. Now its been a long day. so I start to walk back to hotel. I didnt realize how far i had walked today. WAlking back is a long journey back. So walking back i thought i was on right street which was 38th Ave. Which should been a straight walk to Quebec Street.

However i came to an end at some golf course. Have no clue why a course was in way of the street. Anyways i had to walk around to another street. However then that came to construction and some condo community. So i had to detour all over the place. Seem my hotel kept being so far far away. Finally I made it to Quebec Street. Way too much walking today.I think i should have gotten a rental car, lesson learned.
So finally relax back at the hotel, hotel is nice. So evening is just quite simple. Go for dinner at the IHOP across the street in hopes of a big pig out session. So i go an order there the buttermilk pancakes. and a Chocolate milk , quite good. However i guess Denver lives up to being one of the most healthy cities. Seems the portion sizes in restaurants are not over huge. Even at IHOp the servingportion was not big at all, normal size but fulfilling. So a good observation.
Anyways Offer a small tip and back to hotel for an easy evening. Onward to day number 3.

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