Day 20 of Australia Adventure

Day 20 of Australia Adventure – Whit Sundays Sailing to Daydream Island, Australia – May 6th 2010

partner Day 20 of Australia AdventureAnother early morning today, however was waken up by German guy’s phone going off every 15 minutes since 3am!! Anyhow, today is the last day of our sailing experience.
We have breakfast this morning of cereal and toast to which is very good.
Then we are off for another snorkeling experience in this one bay. Here more amazing sea life is seen and many others take photos of it all. One last time putting on the stinger suits and one last time with a snorkel for awhile. It has been quite an amazing time.

We then disembark this area and make our way to Daydream Island.

Daydream Island

Day 20 of Australia Adventure

going into the windo

We are going into the wind so the boat is angled and all sails are full. We go a really good speed with just the power of the wind to Daydream Island. The scenery all around is totally amazing and very grand. We arrive to Daydream Island and have a one last lunch on board, some sandwiches and lettuce, quite filling.

To Island

We then grab our bags and take the zodiac to the Daydream Island where we are met by Contiki Dan and given our keys. We make it to our rooms and this resort is quite amazing. From our room we can view a pool of stingrays and fish quite neat. The rooms is very big and I do some laundry today.
I then head out and explore the resort and rest of Daydream Island. It is mainly an island with 2 very amazing resorts on it. With many swim up bars in the pools and many party areas.

Day 20 of Australia Adventure

The surround water is that turquise green colour everywhere very nice. I walk to one resort and check it all out as well then walk the rain forest walk back to our resort overall an amazing spot.


Later this evening we meet all the Contiki group down near Gilligans for dinner, which is a buffet of almost everything, quite amazing. As well dessert is included which is a buffet of many things as well, very nice!
Later in the evening there is a pool party for everyone at the one resort. It is funny as no one was here yet, but 2 girls Lucy and Fiona got so drunk and were dancing by themselves like idiots before pushing each other into the pool with all their clothes on, too funny. Overall the pool party was ok, but I left early as it became a sausage festival, so not too much to see.
On to the next day of adventure, I hope you are enjoy everything I have to say.

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