Day 21 of Balkan Adventure

Day 21 of Balkan Adventure 30 September 2011 Split, Croatia

Day 21 of Balkan Adventure wake up early this morning. As several of us are going on a rafting excursion in around Omis.

Rafting is going on at the Cetina river which is just 20 minute bus ride from the port.

We get on the bus and ride it to the start of the rafting area.

We get all geared up and then get the raft into the river. The water is the cold glacier water, so something not exactly best to swim in.

Day 21 of Balkan Adventure The rafting trip is amazing fun, only class 3 rapids but a nice relaxing and some points of excitement. At one point we go in and out of a water fall and drink the pure water.

We had to get off the rafts at one moment and walk a few metres to pick them up again.

Lunch is great, with soup and something else and a Croatian pancake for dessert, our last lunch.

Then just outside of Split we all go for the last swim of the trip. Once again the water is so refreshing and nice. It is great to swim in one of the best waters in the world.

Arriving into Split, get the bill for tab for the boat its just over 800 kuna, so not bad, I pay it right away.

Then onto the shore and do an orientation walk of Split. We walk around the old town which is amazing and into the palace. Make way to the Wizard with the golden toe.

Which is Statue of bishop Gregory of Nin

Quite neat.

Here is some information below about Split:

Split (Croatian pronunciation: [splît]) is the seat of Split-Dalmatia County, the largest Dalmatian city and the second-largest urban centre in Croatia with a total population of 178,192 citizens.

Day 21 of Balkan AdventureThe city is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, more specifically on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, spreading over a central peninsula and its surroundings, with its metropolitan area including the many surrounding seaside towns as well. An intraregional transport hub, the city is a link to the numerous surrounding Adriatic islands and the Apennine peninsula, as well as a popular tourist destination.

Split is also one of the oldest cities in the area, and is traditionally considered just over 1,700 years old, while archaeological research relating to the ancient Greek colony of Aspálathos (6th century BC) establishes the city as being several hundred years older.

Split’s urban area population is about 220,000 inhabitants, while wider metropolitan population exceeds 400,000 inhabitants.

The ancient city may have been named after the Spiny Broom (Calicotome spinosa; brnistra or žuka in modern Croatian), a common shrub in the area. The 6th century BC Greek colony of Aspálathos (Aσπάλαθος) or Spálathos (Σπάλαθος), from which the city originates, was certainly named after this common plant. As the city became a Roman possession, the Latin name became “Spalatum”, which in the Middle Ages evolved into “Spalatro” in the Dalmatian language of the city’s Roman population.

The South Slavic version became “Split”, while the Venetian italianized version was “Spalato”. During the early 19th century, the name was “Spljet”, and finally “Split” once more.

Thus, the name “Spalatum” may have nothing to do with the Latin word for palace, palatium thought to be a reference to Diocletian’s Palace, which still forms the real core of the city. The “palace” etymology was notably due to Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, and was later reaffirmed by Thomas the Archdeacon.[4]

Walk around this amazing city and see many things. As I have another day to enjoy this place.

Have a simple dinner tonight, just grab a slice of pizze from a local shop and bottle of water, yay, but its simple and done.

Head back to the boat where there is fruit and pretzels. I fill out a survey for Katarina cruise lines and tell them all about it.

Have a beer and that is the end of the week long Busabout Cruises of Croatia. It was an amazing time.

As the section was too dangerous to get a group of people through.

In total there was about 10 of us from the Busabout boat, the rest just sat in town.

After rafting was done we make it back to the boat at which the boat leaves the port. Then right away it is now lunch time.

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