Day 21 – Road Trip USA – 2013

Day 21 to Cincinnati
November 09 2013

Get up this morning and get ready to make the long journey to get to Cincinnati. Pack the car and leave Raleigh. Long drive today about 9 hours.
Picture 007One of the surprises is driving in West Virginia, road becomes a turnpike and toll roads. So have to pay about $2 a few times. Make 2 gas stops. However journey is the most scenic for entire trip. Going through the mountains in Virginia are quite scenic. and West Virginia as well. make a gas stop in Charleton, West Virginia. seemed like a nice place would have liked to spend time here.
Onward into Kentucky, driving there and seems like a nice looking state. Rolling green hills, lots trees. Moving onward toward Cincinatti, see many white fences for horse areas.
finally arrive to Cincinnati, actually its Covington Kentucky which is just across the Ohio river from the main city. The first view of the city sky line was amazing. Looks like a great city to visit.
So check into the other hotel i booked this Holiday Inn on Riverfront and it looks very nice.
Will have in review later on. So considering its late afternoon figure not enough time to visit downtown Cincinnati. So go check out Covington. There is this nice area called the MainStrasse Village. Whole area is made up of buildings that are of Irish and German style. Nice area of boutiques, shops, restaurants and pubs. Go have a nice dinner at this one pub that offers live jazz music upstairs. Have some nice wine, chicken breast and salad there. Very amazing food! would recommend this place again. Overall a great day and found this gem of this city. stay tuned for next days.

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