Day 22 of Asia Adventure korea

Day 22 of Asia Adventure korea October 25th, 2012

Get up this morning and take advantage of the breakfast at the guesthouse, lots of toast, lol.

So I start my walk about in the city and decide to take it easy here today. I walk down main street to train station and book my ticket for train the next day to get to Busan.

Day 22 of Asia Adventure koreaAfterwards to go walking the local markets and explore all the different types of foods sold. Very interesting and intriguing place with all the different things one can try here.

Then I walk towards downtown and check out random areas. Take photos of some interesting buildings.

I make it to the stadium area where I find that the worlds youth Taekondo champion ships are going on. So I go enter the stadium and watch some of the competitions.

Then have some lunch from the local street meat again.

Very interesting day so far.

I walk along the local river area for a few hours and take in the action going on with all the locals.

Then wander the markets again and finally off to the supermarket and get some food for dinner tonight.

Tonight in guesthouse have another beer social with a few of the guests in the lounge area. Was lots more fun then what was going on outside.

Seems like Gyeongju on a Thursday night is very quiet. I walk around the downtown area at night and almost nothing was going on. It was dead to the door nail.

Anyways on ward to Busan, for the next days.

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