Day 22 of Balkan Adventure

Day 22 of Balkan Adventure 01 October 2011 Split, Croatia

Day 22 of Balkan AdventureDay 22 of Balkan Adventure get up this morning and notice most of people have already left. Some of us are still on board. Go have a last breakfast of cocoa puffs and bread. Then get a final boat ride as the boat has to leave dock to manuever to let another boat out. So a final enjoyment of the boat.

Once the boat docked decided that it was time to leave. So grab my bags and head to shore.

Villa Varos

I go and then walk in the town and make my way to my next accommodations. At the Villa Varos in the old town of Split. I check in and get my room right away.

This room is so nice compared to that cabin had on the boat. Nice point of luxury for next couple of days. With AC as well, very good.

Heading Out Of Town

Then head out on the town, first of make my way up the hill nearby to the look out area. It is a nice walk up and get an amazing view of the city of Split. From here I walk around some hiking trails and explore around.

Then do another walk around into the old town and palace again. Overall just a nice place to casually walk around.

I go to a local supermarket and get some snacks. While waiting in line I see a shoplifter. The guy walked in and just grabbed some bottles of water and pop and casually walked out, in full view and no one did anything, too funny.

So this is going to be a simple post this time, as I did lots of walking and repeated other parts of Split.

I was still feeling ill from the boat as the ground seems to be rocking, as if I am still on that boat.

So I head back to hotel and rest most of the day.

End of day.

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