Day 22 – Road Trip USA – 2013

Day 22 = day in Cincinnati

November 10 2013

Get up this morning and have the included breakfast at the hotel. The breakfast is amazing. An all you can eat buffet of eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit and everything else. Full great service from the servers and great coffee and juice. Then get ready and plan out the day. Leave hotel and start walking across one of the amazing bridges in this city to downtown Cincinnati. Make it across the state line to Ohio and into the main city. Has a great vibe in this city so far.
So more less walk around the stadiums, Paul Brown football stadium, the Reds baseball stadium and arena. Walk the river walk area and its quite amazing area. Many other people out walking and running on this nice Sunday. More less spend the whole day walking. Walk up to Mt Adams, a hill top area that is one of the cities more entertainment district. Beautiful area, with a nice view point of the city. The buildings here are all like old

Picture 026

European style. Irish style pubs and homes. Very historic area of the city. Then i walked to a few parks and a few more lookouts.
In general i could go on and on about the walk but the photos will explain more. Continue to walk into the main part of the city.
Later on make it across the bridge to check out Newport Kentucky. Go to the Newport on the Wharf shopping complex and stop for lunch at a nice Irish pub. Have some fish and chips for lunch and a Sam Adams beer. Great mixture
afterwards walk back to hotel in Covington, in a beer buzz. walking in a less desirable spot of the city with some undesirable people around. But not really that bad. Make it to my hotel and go and chill. Then i extend my stay by one more day. This city is too amazing to leave. I cancel my plans to drive 10 hours north up to Traverse City , Michigan, would been a waste.
On wards to next day

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