Day 24 of Asia Adventure

Day 24 of Asia Adventure October 27th, 2012

So get up this morning and look outside. See that it is pouring rain. Well change of plans for today as I was going to do the boat trip at beach. So instead I will journey into town.

Leave hotel aDay 24 of Asia Adventurend buy an umbrella, by now it is pouring rain. I get onto the metro and navigate my way to a park in the downtown area. Has a tower and view point.

I make it to the park and take a nice escalator up to the view point and then go up the Busan Tower.

In the tower get a nice view of the city and it stopped raining for now, so best to see it now. At the tower a volunteer guy gives me a tour and run down of the city at the tower, quite interesting. Busan is a very important city and port is one of the world’s most busiest.

After coming down the tower, I then walk around in immediate area. Have some food from the local markets again, some bbq and those fish buns with seeds in it, very popular, cheap and tastes great.

I make my way down to local fish market and its very busy with people.

I walk around the area more and now it is pouring rain and very busy with people. I decide this is enough for me and to leave. I go on metro and do a brief stop near Busan Station. Here I walk in the China town area. Very busy shopping area and many of the locals are calling to everyone walking by to come eat in their place.

AftDay 24 of Asia Adventureerwards I leave and head to another part on metro. By this time the metro is very crowded with people. Hard to get into and out of, quite the adventure.

I plan to go visit the Busan Museum. Walking from metro station to there it is fully raining hard now, almost like a typhoon.

Water is up to the curbs now and being splashed by all cars. I finally find the museum and walk into it. Good museum spend a few hours here, lots of historic points made about the area. When on leaving notice staff looking at ceiling as there is a leak coming through. Raining very hard outside. I leave and make a stop to the UN chemistry. Was not able to make any photos here due to the heavy rain, but was interesting to see. By this time I am totally soaked. I am tired of the rain and make my way back to the metro and travel back to Haundae Beach. In the metro the cars are very very packed with people, I guess everyone is escaping the rain today. Get back to hotel and wait it out inside for rest of the day.

Later in the evening go for walk in evening and finally rain stops. Once It stopped notice many many people are going walking down to the beach in the moonlite, very nice

Turns out the evening was very nice as the skys cleared up. Also a fire work show is seen in the distance. Very neat.

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