Day 24 of Balkan Adventure

Day 24 of Balkan Adventure 03 October 2011 Zagreb, Croatia

Day 24 of Balkan Adventure today is another amazing day to start in ZAgreb,Croatia.

Head downstairs early to get some breakfast. The breakfast is totally amazing here. All types of food and lots of eggs and bacon.

Day 24 of Balkan AdventureAfter breakfast head out on the town for a long walk about today. Just do a random walk all day long. Head off to the gallery in the city only to find it is closed.

Realized that it is Monday and that all the museums in city are closed , so the is the end of a few plans. So I just walk and explore most of the city and take in all the buildings.

I could go on to explain everything I see but instead I will share the rest in my photos that I have labelled and all.

Mirogoj Cemetery

I do make my way to a big cemetary In the city called Mirogoj which is the largest one in Europe. Here is some information about that cemetary:

The Mirogoj Cemetery (pronounced [mîrɔgɔːj]) is considered to be one of the most beautiful cemetery parks in Europe and, because of its design, numbers among the more noteworthy landmarks in the City of Zagreb.

The cemetery inters members of all religious groups: Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, Protestant, Latter Day Saints and irreligious graves can all be found.

In the arcades are the last resting places of many famous Croatians.

The cemetery was created in 1876 on a plot of land owned by the linguist Ljudevit Gaj. Architect Hermann Bollé designed the main building. The construction of the arcades, the cupolas, and the church in the entryway was begun in 1879. Work was finished in 1929.

IT is an amazing site this place with lots of flowers and is really big. You could around there for many hours on end.

Walk To The Palace

Later on walk to the Palace in the city and parliament as well.

Overall an amazing city.

Evening go for dinner in city center at nice outdoor place. Have a beef millet with potatoes and local beer, totally amazing.

Then pick up some ice cream cone at the end.

An amazing day.

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