Day 25 of Asian Adventure

Day 25 of Asian Adventure October 28th, 2012

Well Today is my last day in Busan and its a Sunday

So i intend to go on the boat cruise of the area. I walk to the ferry port and no boats. So i am thinking no boats on sunday??

Day 25 of Asian AdventureWell what am i going to do. So i go hiking around more for a few hours. Only to see the boats arriving. I run and get a ticket for  boat trip. Boat gets full and once again i am only foreigner on the boat. What is a annoying it seems Koreans are not educated enough to know its wrong to feed the sea gulls.

All these birds are flying around the boat and the people think its cute to feed them, WRONG! , lol

so these birds follow the boat all the way during the whole trip around the islands.

Free food, so i guess if i was one i do the same.

so after the boat go for a walk in town and get some money from ATM as i have no more money. Need some to feed myself.

I go for a late lunch at this pasta place in Busan and meal is good.

Then for a rest.

Later in evening do a final walk of the beach. Nice evening for walk. Will be nice to come back to this place again in the future.

Recommend you all come to Busan.

Anyways tomorrow off to Hawaii. for final destination of the trip.

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