Day 25 of Balkan Adventure

Day 25 of Balkan Adventure 04 October 2011To Slovenia,Ljubljana

Day 25 of Balkan Adventure get up this morning and have another amazing breakfast. Then it is time to pack up and get ready for my transfer. Heading to Slovenia today the last leg of my trip.

Day 25 of Balkan AdventureSo around 10am I get my transfer and off to Slovenia to capital city of Ljubljana.

Crossing the borders from Croatia and into Slovenia are no problem. Once into the country of Slovenia it looks like a story book for sure. Everything is neat and tidy and lots of nice looking towns everywhere.

On arrival in to the city it seems to look very amazing. Seems to be quite clean and lots of good looking people.

Here is some information about Ljubljana:

Ljubljana (locally: [lʲubˈlʲana] ( listen); German: Laibach, Italian: Lubiana, Latin: Labacum) is the capital of Slovenia and its largest city.

It is the center of the City Municipality of Ljubljana. It is located in the center of the country in the Ljubljana Basin, and is a mid-sized city of some 270,000 inhabitants. Throughout its history, it has been influenced by its geographic position at the crossroads of the Slavic world with the Germanic and Latin cultures.

For centuries, Ljubljana was the capital of the historical region of Carniola,[4] and in the 20th century it became the cultural, educational, economic, political and administrative centre of Slovenia, independent since 1991.[3] Its transport connections, concentration of industry, scientific and research institutions and cultural tradition are contributing factors to its leading position.

Arrive into the city and check into the hotel, Best Western Hotel Slon, which is nice. Funny thing I find in the room is in the mini bar is a pack of condoms which was actually part of the items in the mini bar.

Anyways from here I head out to explore the city. Head down to the old down which is right nearby. Head up to the big castle which is in the middle of the city.

The castle is totally amazing and I do the long hike up to it. From the main tower which you pay 3 euros to get into you get the most amazing views of this nice city.

From here I then explore most of the city. I will list all the things I saw.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral (Stolnica svetega Nikolaja) serves the Archdiocese of Ljubljana. Easily identifiable due to its green dome and twin towers, it is located on the Cyril Methodius Square by the nearby Ljubljana Central Market and the Ljubljana Town Hall.[44]

The Dragon Bridge (Zmajski most) was built between 1900 and 1901, when the city was part of Austria-Hungary.

Designed by a Dalmatian architect who studied in Vienna and built by an Austrian engineer, the bridge is considered one of the finest works in the Vienna Secession style.[8][45] Some residents nicknamed the bridge “mother-in-law” in reference to the fearsome dragons on its four corners.[46]The Tivoli Park (Park Tivoli) is the largest park in Ljubljana.[48][49] The park was designed in 1813 by the French engineer Jean Blanchard and now covers approximately 5 km2 (1.9 sq mi).[48] The park was laid out during the French imperial administration of Ljubljana in 1813 and named after the Parisian Jardins de Tivoli.

The Butchers’ Bridge (Mesarski most) is a footbridge crossing the river Ljubljanica.

It connects Ljubljana Central Market and the Petkovšek embankment

Ljubljana’s Main Square. Triple Bridge is the heart of Ljubljana. Many pavement stalls, many tourists and cosy restaurants.

Franciscan Church (Franciskanska Cerkev)

Vodnik Square (Vodnikov trg)

Are all some of the things I saw that day walking around.

Overall an amazing city and would loved to stayed there for some time.

For the evening have dinner in some outdoor spot and have a veal steak, local beer and a cream cake which is totally amazing.

End of day.

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