Day 26 of Australia Adventure Byron Bay

Day 26 of Australia Adventure Byron Bay

Day 26 of Australia Adventure Byron Bay To Omni Surf Camp, Australia – May 12th 2010

colourful Birds

Today get up and ready for the day. A good buffet bk is downstairs and its very filling, as the works are all there, eggs, bacon etc.
Then its off to get my bags and put them all on the bus. Irish Hannah is leaving the tour today, she is heading home or something, so good bye Hannah.
Then we leave Surfers Paradise not with out one last view of the city from a far area.

Wildlife Currumbin Sanctuary

This morning we stop at an Animal Sanctuary called Wildlife Currumbin Sanctuary. A very good place where we see all types of animals. I won’t go through full details of every animal there, as my photos will describe everything for themselves.

Day 26 of Australia Adventure Byron Bay


We see kangaroos and birds of prey to tree kangaroos. As well there is a petting zoo, where you can have your photo with a koala and pet some kangaroos, too cool. There is also a mini train that takes you all around the park, to which I rode as well, very fun.
I am keeping this description very short as I will have the photos included.

At this point I use up my last memory in my camera. Therefore I am forced to get out my old camera, that is digital of course, my Olympus brand. Its ok, still works ok, but I don’t like using it. Anyways we are back on the bus and make our way to this amazing place called Byron Bay.

Byron Bay

We stop at the stop of this lookout point near this light house and get some amazing views of the whole area. You can see some amazing beach land here with the waves crashing in.

My photos do come out quite well with the old camera on this area. We then drive back down to town and then have a free afternoon. I then spend the afternoon taking some photos of the actual town before a quick lunch at Subway again, ordering a roast beef sub sandwich again. Eat lunch with Nadine, Karen and Maria today, then head off to the beach. The beach at Byron Bay is amazing, very big and simple. Less commercial then Surfers Paradise. At the end of the beach I run into Rob who is surfing, lots of people are surfing here, very nice place.
Once again run out of time and have to slowly go back. On way back do a quick stop that the bottle shop and buy some beer, might be last time I buy beer on this trip.

Then we are off to a place called Omni Surf Camp, near Coffs Harbour.

Day 26 of Australia Adventure Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Omni Surf Camp

Kind of a dump but simple place. It is run by some dude named Jesus who actually looks like a Jesus.
The accommodations are old storage containers converted to rooms. Our room is small and no privacy to the toilet and shower, different.
Tonight’s dinner is actually good, some kind of beer curry and salad, quite like camping out almost.
Then rest of the evening is spent sitting around a camp fire drinking beer. At one point Jesus puts a whole box on the fire and its almost ignites big time, to which he almost sets the whole camp on fire, crazy hippy guy.

Afterwards call it a night and go back to the room. This night was probably the coldest night ever, very cold out and no source of heat in the cabin. I tried to turn heat on the AC but nothing was happening, was a long cold night.

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