Day 27 of Australia Adventure Shoal Bay

Day 27 of Australia Adventure Shoal Bay

Day 27 of Australia Adventure Shoal Bay Australia – May 13th 2010

Shoal Bay

Wake up this morning and run into rest of group. Turns out everyone else had a very cold night sleeping. I am not feeling very good this morning. I have bk but still not feeling that good in the stomach. We are to have an included surf lesson this morning, but I choose not to go out as not feeling good, all well. I watch the rest of the group take part in their lessons and go in the water.
The beach area is a nice spot and watch the sun come up this morning.

Contiki Tour

Then it is back to the bus and we are out of here on to the final official destination of the Contiki tour, we are to get to a place called Shoal Bay at a nice hotel.
Not much happening today, we stop for lunch later today at a truck stop and the only option to eat is Subway, yay.

Day 27 of Australia Adventure Shoal Bay

Sunrise On The Ocean

Once again I have another roast beef sandwich.

Then it is off, finally after a few hours arrive into Shoal Bay. The resort is very nice, like a full size condo almost. With a spa, pool and good places to eat. Clean up in the room and then make it down to the bay to walk around the waterfront, very nice area. Watch the sun go down and watch the tide come in. Almost get caught in the tide just get feet wet,  a great experience.

This evening is our last dinner together, we have a good meal downstairs in the private room. Quite good, its a bbq your own meat style of meal. You choose your choice of steak then go and grill it yourself over a grill. I got a T bone steak and it was very good. It turned out perfect when I cooked it, other people had red meat still, and some have just salad. Overall a great meal and one of the best ones I have encountered on this trip. Have a few more beers and then call it a night. Some of the girls were going to have a room party, went for a little while and it was kind of lame, so called it a night, too bad. Anyways onward to the next day of adventure.

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