Day 3 of Charleston South Carolina

Day 3 of Charleston South Carolina October 2nd, 2010

Day 3 = Day In Charleston and Patriots Point and USS Yorktown

Get up this morning and have a good included breakfast at the hotel of Best Western. Coffees, juices, toast and waffles and there is actual service at the hotel. And some grits as well.

Day 3 of Charleston South CarolinaI think make my way to the car and then drive to Patriots Point, first driving over that amazing bridge of steel beams etc. I arrive to Patriots point and pay my 5 bucks to park. Then proceed to get my ticket to go see the USS Yorktown. It is a huge air craft carrier from the second world war and its amazing. Very huge and has many planes on it to which you can sit in the pilots seat. Then I walked the whole ship going to the dorms, kitchen, flight deck to the bridge and all over. It takes me over 3 hours to wander this amazing ship , It did so many things during all its mission.

I have photos of everything on it posted.

Afterwards to walked next door to a submarine that was used in the wars as well. I climb down into it and walk from one end to the other exploring the whole thing. It is quite neat to climb down all the hatches and through all the tight connections. Must been horrible to hot bunk back during war time.

Overall a great experience.

Then off to a replicate recreation of a Vietnam era war camp. Full of huey helicopters and bunk houses quite interesting.

I then decide and look over to that big amazing bridge and decide its time to walk across it. I make my way the long journey up to the middle and over to the other side and back. Great views of the water area and many other people running, walking and biking that amazing bridge.

The day was totally perfect and nice and sunny.

Then it is back to Patriots point for a quick lunch from the snack bar of a hot dog and coke, yay.

I then get my ticket for the ferry to Fort Sumtar, I have about an hour wait and then board the ferry. It is a 30 minute boat ride to Fort Sumter which is the birthplace of the Civil War. I could go into full details of it but google that yourself and learn. On route to the island you can see dolphins jumping in the water It was good experience on the island to see the huge cannons. Would have been a big experience during when all of them were going off.

Finally taking some photos it is time to head back to the mainland, get on the boat and go. On the journey back this older lady got on your cell phone and was talking to some people very loudly and annoyingly about her trip.

She was telling them she is calling from a phone on a boat, teepee!!. Anyways the funny part is during her call this other lady nearby in her 70’s or so told her to put the phone away. Actually told her to turn it off or she would toss it into the ocean. Very funny incident. Should have been there.

We get back to the shore and then I take a drive over to Sullivans Island and explore the area and check out the amazing Vacation homes here, too amazing and huge. A place to consider in the future to invest into. How many of you out there own property here. I like to talk about that idea.

Then it was off to a local grocery store to pick up some snacks for the room and consider for dinner later on.

So this is my adventure for this day, hope you enjoy and check out all my photos.

Stay tuned for next days.

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