Day 3 of Chicago Adventure

Day 3 of Chicago Adventure,July 26th, 2009

Wake up this morning from a good night last night, I did not over do it last night. So all is good. I sleep in a bit today though till about 10am as I was wanting to get up earlier and go to that Aquarium at better time.1294122_12494916724589_bigthumb

I finally get out of bed and get ready for another adventure.

I make my way out of the room and wait for the elevator to take me down the 17 floors to lobby.

I finally make it to the ground level and outside to the main street. It is still a nice day and I love this city even more now. I make my way to the Metro station as Its is a long walk to the aquarium. I take part of the way on the red line and make it near the street I get off on.
On entry to street level there is a huge parade of motorbikes going down the street. I would say at least a 1000 of them all going down the street making lots of noise. The immediate area is totally thundering loud with excitement and bike engines everywhere.

I make it to the aquarium and once again a huge line outside going around everywhere.

1294122_12494916727659_bigthumbWell I decide I am here so I go and stand in the huge line. It was not a long time I was there less then 20 minutes. I make it to the ticket desk and get my day pass. Upon entry I have to get my silly souvenir photo forced on me to get done, I am not a fan of those things.

The Aquarium is really neat, and big, there is so much to se and do here. There is area of sea life from all over the world. From all continents and countries and regions of the world.
The main areas to see are the dolphins and belugas as well the underwater areas. Very neat place overall, too bad I did not come earlier as it is really busy now. After some time here it is time for me to go and find a new adventure. I leave aquarium and go have a simple lunch and figure out what to do next. I remember hearing about this new attraction on the Chicago river. It is like the boat tour to see all the buildings from the river, except you kayak.
I get to the Loop area and rent the kayaks from the outfitter. I make an afternoon out of the tour and go around the river and see the buildings, very cool.

Afterwards I go to the downtown mall near my hotel and do a little shopping. I go to a sports shop and buy some Chicago Cubs baseball caps and shirts as I am going to a Cubs game tomorrow.1294122_1249492099700_bigthumb
Will be a good game.

Anyways make it to my room to drop off my stuff and have an afternoon rest. Just browse internet and watch television for a few hours.

Later on I leave the hotel and make it down to the water front for another adventure. I got to north ave beach and hang out around the volleyball courts. I watch many games and take in the great atmosphere, the weather is so nice. I then go to the local beach bar called Castaways!!

There is a big band here and lots of beer is flowing, being Sunday evening a big party is going in. Lots of good sights here and good music. As well lots of Beers, you have to have beer.

There are some weird old guys here who are trying to do weird dancing around other, I move away.

Overall a good experience and I learn to like and become a fan of Castaways. Looks like something else I would return to next time I am in town.

So that is my day of Day 3 in Chicago, this is a great city and best times ever. Stay tuned for Day 4.

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