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Day 3 of East Coast Adventure CanadaDay 3 of East Coast Adventure Canada

Blue Nose

Day 3 of East Coast Adventure Canada Today is another day in Halifax. I go for a quick stop at Sobeys grocery store again. Then I make it out of the city and over to the historic town of Lunenburg, the oldest town in Canada. A short description of this town.Lunenburg was founded in 1753 and was named in honour of the King of Great Britain and Ireland, (George August of Hanover) who was also the ruler of Brunswick-Lunenburg. During the French and Indian War, several small forts which ringed the town were garrisoned by British regulars as well as by provincial troops from Massachusetts. These forts were erected to protect the town from raids by French warships and from attacks by the local Indians.

Day 3 of East Coast Adventure Canada



Lunenburg is the birthplace of the world famous schoonerBluenose and her daughter Bluenose II which remains an important tourist attraction in the town, her home port. Tourism is now Lunenburg’s most important industry and many thousands visit the town each year. A number of restaurants, inns, hotels and shops exist to service the tourist trade

It is quite a nice place, good buildings and the ship Bluenoses is at port here.

Strolling For A Little Bit

After walking around for a little bit, I grab a sandwich from Subway and decide to head back to Halifax. While backing out a parking spot, I back into another car coming up the road. I hit the passenger side of this lady’s car. She was not too happy but surprising quite easy going about the situation. Not a good way or good thing to happen while on a trip. Anyways the situation was handled ok and life went on. Good thing I took out the extra insurance with the Rental Car Company.

I make my way back into the city and chill out for awhile. Just going and not driving anywhere in case I make another accident. Later in evening I have supper at Rotten Ronny’s and just take it easy back at the hotel.

Stay in tonight as it was really really raining big time outside. So I was forced to stay in.

That was my story for today.

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