Day 3 of In Search of Iguassu to Ilha Grande

Day 3 of In Search of Iguassu to Ilha Grande

Iguassu to Ilha Grande

Day 3 of In Search of Iguassu to Ilha Grande

Around 5 am this morning, there was someone strange walking around in our hotel, whoever it was, knocked on all the doors.  I did not dare to open the door as there was no peek hole.

I get up this morning and go have a breakfast in the little hotel, its simple but good, some type of fruit juice and mangos, quite good.

Sugar Loaf Mountain

I meet up with another member of the group this morning, this girl named Esther from the UK. We are going to go up the Sugar Loaf mountain this morning. We flag down a taxi off the street and head to Sugar Loaf mountain. From here we take the gondola up to the very top for the view of the city. The view of the city is totally amazing, a view worth a million dollars for sure. We take many photos of this and admire the view. From here we are out of time and must make it back to the hotel to leave the city.

Day 3 of In Search of Iguassu to Ilha Grande

view from Sugarloaf mt

We take a taxi back to hotel and the taxi meter was unplugged, I was afraid we might get ripped off, but only 2 dollars more.

On Our Way To Ilha Grande

We get to the hotel and put our bags into the van and then we are off to Ilha Grande. Leaving the city I noticed many many areas of lots of miles of FAvellas, quite a scary sight as you see how much poverty is really in this area.

We make it through a quick lunch break, the road side places of truck stops are all junk food inside, nothing great.

We make it to the shores of Ilha Grande later in the day, we await the boat to take us to the islands. The weather now is quite cloudy and looks like rain. Finally our boat comes and we load up our bags on the boat.

Day 3 of In Search of Iguassu to Ilha Grande

The operator has the tunes playing as we go across the water. The rain is now coming down and is quite pouring, but gives the look of the area a cool atmosphere.

We arrive at the main port and the porters grab our bags and toss them into some cart and litterly run with them to our hotel.

We make it to the hotel and its a nice cottage style of place, quite interesting. By now we are all soaked from the rain, but overall quite good. We make it to dinner that night in the dining area, nothing special, I don’t remember what was for dinner that night. Actually I Am wrong, we went out for dinner to this one restaurant. We all order different types of food and it was great, I had spaghetti that night and it was just great. We then had a couple of drinks afterwards and then just took it as a quiet evening for that day.

Stay tuned for next day.

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