Day 3 of trip to Ohio for the Mohican 100 race.

welcome_signDay 3 of trip to Ohio for the Mohican 100 race.

So leave Urbana, Illinois today. This morning the hotel i was at had an amazing included breakfast. Eggs, and bacon and pancakes. Quite good. Then off to get some gas and make way to Ohio.
Travel day is quite good with a nice stop along state border out side of Indianapolis.
Route goes through Indianapolis. I forgot to stop and see the racetrack, never occured till after driving past the sign a few miles back.
Also pass through the city of Columbus, no time to stop but looked liked a nice city. Then follow route to Mansfield. Do a gas stop on route. At gas stop I noticed a Tim Hortons donut shop near by. Quite rare to have that franchise in USA but cool to see.
So finally exit the interstate and make on final road to Loudonville. Enter the mohican forest and first site, it is an amazing looking area. The little towns going by are really nice and quant. The scenary is amazing!
Finally make it to town of Loudonville. And check into the motel I am at. Nice simple place.
Get bike equipment in order. Then walk to the Mohican adventures to get my number and race packets. Lots of people are at the campsite. and looks like most are here for the race. It is nice and sunny out. The sign for the finish gate is here too.
Get my Tshirt and goodies for the race. Also see a pro cyclist Tinker Yuarez here which is quite neat.
Then walk back to hotel, have my frozen dinners as my carb fest. Then go on bike in evening. I ride back to campsite and check out part of one trail. Then ride bike to actual town of Loudonville. Nice big bike path that connects whole town. Very nice place. Lots of Amish people riding around as well. Take a photo of the start banner and use it for memories. Looks like i will be coming back next year for this event.
Then ride back to motel and get thing ready and a good night sleep for race day.


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