Day 3 USA and Cruise 2014

Day 3 USA and Cruise 2014

Day 3- Oct 18 2014 – USA and Cruise 2014

This day 3 on Colorado and time in Denver. Get up this morning and looks like going to be a nice sunny day.So today start off the breakfast at the hotel. Which is an all you can eat buffet. For what you get its worth it over just ordering a packaged breakfast. So i take pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage and cereal. Oh yes the juice and coffee were amazing. back to room and today I just want to take it easy. Now the sun is shine really well. So I open the balcony door and let sun shine in. During this time get some rays while sitting there, its all warm , a perfect package, add this to some wine in the morning, good package. for sure.
So finally get ready and plan out day. Going to go check out the Cherry Mall today which is a posh place.

park somewhere

I head out walking in hopes to find a taxi to take me there. After walking on main road and trying to flag down taxis, to a fail, none stop for me. Odd. So i end up walking for 2 hours to get to Cherry Ridge Mall.By this time i am sick of walking.. Mall is nice. lots of nice looking girls walking around. Time for lunch so for some asian food at the mall. Take break and have some water and read my map. From here I walk up to 6th street and head into another shopping district. I find the bike path by the river, nice place for sure. Denver is a very nice outdoor city, everyone is healthy and fit. By this time my legs are sore from walking all day. I go back into downtown to 16th street. There is some halloween festival going on. People are all walking around dressed as zombies here. Quite neat actually. So after walking up the street, feeling tired. Decided its time to go. Back to hotel. This time i found some taxis by one of the hotels here. Take taxi back for about 20 bills. But its ok, i had enough of walking all day. Back at hotel have some wine and relax rest of day. Evening just have a simple supper. Go to Arby’s first time i eaten at arbys. have the roost beef sandwich and curly fries. Dr pepper. i have to say it was really good. Better then mcdonalds and burger king. I think i will go back.
After that i just spent time writing out this log, hope you enjoy this, Denver has been amazing so far.

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