Day 4 Ilha Grande, Brazil, Off to the Beach

Day 4 Ilha Grande, Brazil, Off to the Beach

Day 4 Ilha Grande, Brazil, Off to the Beach

a great photo get up this morning for a breakfast of Mangos, and other amazing fruits. With to wash it all down with Brazil coffee, I do not drink coffee but this is amazing.

Lope Mendes Beach

We are going on to a big beach today called Lope Mendes beach on another island. A bunch of us head off to the main port and get into a boat and for a long journey to this other island. This place is quite amazing,you can see cactus growing out of the rocks. We disembark the boat and head to this trail. We go on a hike for about 30 minutes to get to the main beach. Going up some muddy hills and down rocky ones, its kinda hard. On route we see many monkies in the forest. Finally you can hear the waves of the ocean at the beach. We get to the beach and its amazing, completely untouched and all natural, we set up shop here for while.

Day 4 Ilha Grande, Brazil, Off to the Beach


We spend a good amount of time in the ocean playing in the waves. The waves push you all the way from middle right to shore,  I lost my watch in the process. At one point I was stuck between the current and was being tossed around for awhile, abit scary but overall fun.

I go walking up the entire stretch of beach and realize I am badly sunburned now, quite cool though.

After a few hours here we make it back to our boat to get back to the main town. It took awhile to leave as the boat would get out to open water and driver would see someone else come and he would turn back to get them. We did this about 7 times before finally actually heading out. On the journey back we are tortured by this one girl who is talking very loudly about her trip, she is going on and on about nothing and everyone is annoyed for the whole trip back to main town.

Day 4 Ilha Grande, Brazil, Off to the BeachWe head back to hotel and get cleaned up, then go to the hotel pool for a swim with beer. Then go hang out in the sauna for a few hours. A good lazy day.

Later the evening we rejoin the rest of the group for a Brazil style BBQ, and Caprinha, which is a famous drink here. The BBQ is a mix of all types of great stuff and is a big buffet, totally amazing. During this time, the couple from Ireland set up their Ipods and we listen to their music for awhile.BRAZILE21 Day 4 Ilha Grande, Brazil, Off to the Beach

Outdoor Bar

After dinner we head into town and go to an outdoor bar for some drinks. Have a few drinks of beer and caprinhas again, its going to be good night. We later decide we want to go check out this one night club, we go out searching for this one club called Ipaum Gaucu. It seems to be good club so we go into the dance area looking for a party. Once inside we realize we have been “Had”. There is no one else here and all there is a Reggae Band doing a really really Bob Marley impression. IT was supposed to have lots of Salsa dancing, however that is not happening right now. From here I decide to turn it off and call it a night. So Off to bed, have big day tomorrow for something fun again. Stay tuned.

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