Day 4 of Australia Adventure Darwin

Day 4 of Australia Adventure Darwin – April 20th 2010

Day 4 of Australia Adventure DarwinGet up this morning and pack my bag as I am to leave the city of Sydney today and make my way up to the city of Darwin in the Northern Territory where I will join a tour group of Contiki and start my tour of the Aussie Explorer. I then go downstairs of the hotel and have another good included breakfast of cereal and toast, quite filling. Then back to the room and wait till I have to leave, in which I am asked to leave. As check out is around 10am the maid knocked on my door at 930am and was wanting to clean the room, so much for my extra 15 minutes, my flight isn’t till 1200pm.Anyways, I check out of the hotel and take a taxi to the domestic airport in Sydney.

To Darwin, Australia

I am going to be flying with the Aussie Airline called Jetstar which is more of a no frills airline. I go and check in and its quite quick for the procedure. Then off into the airport and wait a little while before flying off. To spend some time I go and have lunch at the airport and have a sandwich from Subway, a very filling and economical way of eating, almost.

Day 4 of Australia Adventure DarwinThen finally the time to board the plane with Jetstar to fly to Darwin. The plane is full of many Vietnamese people who are going to be also flying up to Vietnam in transfer through Darwin.

The plane flight is good but quite no frills, as you have to pay for everything. From your pack of nuts to a small kid size glass of soda.So thank fully I had that Subway earlier.

Arrive in Darwin

Finally after four and half hours the plane lands in the city of Darwin and the time difference is
to move a head one hour again. Get off the plane and grab my bag then take the shuttle to the Travelodge Hotel in Darwin. I arrive at good time to check in at the hotel and given the information sheet to meet the tour in the morning. At this time I find I am sharing room a Day 4 of Australia Adventure Darwin2 other guys which is what I paid for. Good way to save money and get to know the tour group.

Meet Contiki Group

I unpack my bag and meet first person of the Contiki, group , some guy named Duncan who is from the USA but claims he is from Hong Kong. We then go meet a few more people at the hotel, to name a few , Danielle, Jeremy, Tami, Kathleen and Michelle and a few others. We all chill out for abit and figure out what to do for the evening. We head to bit of a bar prior to finding a place to eat. Here I first try some Aussie beer of Carlton Draught, which is quite good. Then off to a good place to eat where I order a burger called the Hog Burger which is quite big and very filling.

Then we found a bar afterwards to go for more beer and have a few hours here. Good times.
Then back to hotel as we have early start in the morning and to meet up with rest of the Contiki group. So far met 11 of them so far, but going to be a great trip, stay tuned.

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