Day 4 of Calgary Drumheller

Day 4 of Calgary Drumheller, Morning In Drumheller, AlbertaDay 4 of Calgary Drumheller

Day 4 of my Alberta Adventure
I get up this morning feeling great from the day before. I have a cheese sandwich for breakfast this morning, breakfast of champions.  To day I want to see some history, so I am off to the city of drumheller alberta .

Dinosaur Museum

This spot is where there is a famous Dinosaur museum.
I head east out of town onto the Main hwy, then off the main hwy and follow for an hour and I get to drumhelleralberta . The road from here goes down into a valley where the city is located.

For more information on this area. check

I drive in the town a and make it to the center of town, there is a huge T-Rex on display here. It is quite amazing, bring your whole family here and check it out.

Day 4 of Calgary Drumheller

Royal Tyrrell Museum

From here I make it to the Royal Tyrrell Museum which is a huge display of old dinosaurs.  The first thing to do at the Royal Tyrrell is walk through the galleries and marvel at the amazing displays and exhibits that highlight millions of years of our Earth’s history This place has many fully restored dinosaur skeletons. From T-rex to the smaller guys to early reptiles. Quite the place. AS well you can look into an actual Lab of where research is actually taking place, very neat!

Some of the exhibits here listed are :  Cretaceous Alberta
Lords of the Land
Dinosaur Hall
Ice Age
Nexen Science Hall
Devonian Reef
Burgess Shale
Age of Mammals
Preparation Lab
Cretaceous Garden

Come check it out.

Day 4 of Calgary Drumheller

Then it was lunch time, I went and ate a primitive meal at the cafeteria here. Which was just a cheese sandwich and milk, costing me too much money.

Then I left the building and took a view from the lookout point from outside. It is a large area.

I take off out of the town and start to head back to Calgary. On route back I stop at a major lookout area of the Badlands. The Badland are very cool and rocky from earlier times, an old sea or something was once here. Check out my photos for a first hand view of everything. If i had better shoes with me, I would go for a hike or something.

I make it back into town and make today a lazy day, I go for a drive in the suburbs for awhile then back to hotel for rest and relaxation.

I head out to downtown later today and go for a walk along the river, it is a nice day and many many people are out running and rollerblading. I walk for over an hour and enjoy the immediate area. Very nice.

This evening, I just have a poor man’s supper at A and W at Chinook mall, of a teen burger and fries and mountain dew. I head back to hotel for a quiet evening around the tv.
Stay tuned for tomorrow for big day of rafting.
Day 4 of Calgary Drumheller


Today is my 3rd day of my Alberta Adventure. I am out to see the great Canadian Rockies today. I head off in the car and have to get gas. I find a gas station just a few blocks away and put in the gas. The cashier I can see through the window and is giving me this weird look. The guy is about 90 years old, maybe he has never seen anyone put gas in a car before? I go in to pay for my gas and he says all this weird language to me, doesn’t speak english and just seems like a weird guy.

Anyhow, I take off out of Calgary, Getting onto Main street is kinda odd, there are so many traffic lights here and this is part of the Trans-Canada Hwy. So I take off down the hwy finally leaving the city limits and into the country.

Day 4 of Calgary Drumheller

I can see the mountains in the distance coming closer and closer. I have some type of RAP music station playing on the radio at this time.
Finally with a flick of a switch I am now into the mountain region. The flat prairies change into mountains and I am headed to Banff National Park.

I get to the first check point and I have to pay a ten dollar park fee, all well it helps conserve the region. I make it into Banff town, the traffic is quite piled up. This place is quite amazing, so many mountains surround it. I would love to make it here in the winter one day for some down hill ski.
I finally find a place to park after circling around for 15 minutes in such a small town. I get out and walk around the town for awhile.

Day 4 of Calgary Drumheller

Banff Spring Hotel

I take a photo of the famous Banff spot people see in Magazines. I go check out some shops and things are very expensive here. I go up the hill and check out the famous Banff Springs Hotel. It is a very grand structure, all the rich and famous stay here. You should all come check it out.

It is now lunch time, So I have to find something affordable to go and eat. Well I walk down the street and find Rotten Ronny’s (macdonalds) and go in. I have a traditional big mac and fries and that is my meal, so much for eating cultural.

I leave Banff behind as it is now busy and over run with tourists, time for more adventure. I leave the town and find Mount Norquay, and drive up the little road. It is a very windy road and goes right up to the very top, to an amazing view. This area is part of a ski area , be nice to check out in the winter.

Day 4 of Calgary Drumheller

This is an amazing view you can reach out and see all of Banff from here.

I head down the hwy more for a many more miles. I can see the many streams and forest and mountains on my drive. My next stop will be the famous Lake Louise. It is also a ski resort, I will stop at the hotel resort and hike around the lake to the glacier. Really nice area.
Parking was almost hard to find as the whole world seemed to have same idea and to come here. I get a spot and get out of the car ASAP.
I go up to the glacier lake and take many photos. Then I go for a long hike up the trail along that lake, I pass a big sign warning of grizzly bear in the area. Well would make the trip more interesting if I ran into one of those things.
I pass many people on my hike on this trail, going by streams and different views of the mountain.

Day 4 of Calgary Drumheller

I must go for over an hour when I am forced to stop. The rest of the trail is all covered in snow and I am not prepared to walk in snow, As I am in shorts and have no water or warmer clothes. So I am forced to head back to the hotel area. Once I hike back it is now late afternoon so its time to head back to Calgary.
I drive back and enjoy the rest of the view of this amazing area.
I arrive back to hotel and that is my adventure for the night.

This evening, I go for another supper at Hooters, just because I like the service and food I like as well. check out my review.
Then later I go to Outlaws, night club near by. I think I over did it with the beer here tonight. I drink like crazy here and before I knew it, I Was talking stupid to all the people inside. I had to go back to my hotel early and I passed out for a few hours, lol.

That was my night.

Check out my photos as It is hard to explain everything on this area. Photos say more.

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