Day 4 of Chicago Adventure

Day 4 of Chicago Adventure,July 27th, 2009

This is another day in Chicago, lots going to happen today. I have a baseball game to attend to later on today. So lots of excitement to consider.1294122_12494928465384_bigthumb

Get up this morning and once again have room quality coffee again and I make it out into the Loop to explore some more area of the city. I walk toward the river side and make it to the House of Blues, a very famous venue and take some photos. Many famous people performed here and its worth a visit to anyone into the Chicago area.

I then randomly walk around the Loop and make it into Old Town Chicago. Another really really awesome looking neighbourhood full of lots of interesting buildings and lots of history has happened here.
This city is full of many exciting looking buildings almost everywhere you go to.

1294122_12494944087_bigthumbFrom here I make it to Lincoln Park with my destination of the morning going to be the Lincoln Park Zoo. I figure might as well check it out as it is a free attraction. On route to the zoo there is a childrens zoo of old farm house and farm animals, quite cute.

I get the zoo just when they opened and get to see the animals slowly be put onto each display. Inside of zoo I am approach by a weird couple from Alabama and they ask me if we are in the Zoo, even though we are standing beside the sign. As well they ask me what is good to see in the zoo, so another silly question, some people make life interesting. I go around the zoo and see many creatures, from birds, hippos, Zebras, gorillas, monkey, tigers and many other animals.1294122_12494928473810_bigthumb
I have few hours in the zoo and it is a good size, recommend for anyone to come here anytime, if your in town.
I go have lunch in the zoo, an overpriced slice of pizza and too much soda, all well what can you do when your hungry.

From here I leave zoo and walk in the park once again. I make it to the Chicago history museum, which is really neat to see. I see so many interesting things in this museum as it is a another must see item. I will not spoil the surprise here, you have to come to Chicago.\

From here I go for a walk around the pathways near beach area and just take in the nice weather. I head back to hotel for a afternoon rest before heading to the baseball game this evening.

1294122_1249492855959_bigthumbI decide to make it to Wrigley Field, I want to go early to enjoy the stadium before the game starts.
I go down to Grand Station and it’s a huge line up to get a train pass as everyone is heading that way.
I have to wait for 2 trains to pass before getting on, as so many people are going to game. I finally get on the train and its so packed crazy on route. So many people but it is a good time, regardless.

I get off at Wrigleyville and I get to see my first view of Wrigley Field from outside. It is a historic stadium for the National League. I walk around and check out the famous sign from outside. I go into this place and get to my seat. I did not realize I had good seat, lower level behind 3rd base amazing.1294122_12494944133323_bigthumb

I go to the concessions to get a beer and hot dog, the menu here is quite misleading. It says Jumbo hot dog, so I pay my 6 bucks for my jumbo hot dog and it is the size of a store bought thing in a old bun, so all well.
Beer was ok though, lite beer but its beer. I go back to my seat and enjoy my tiny hot dog and beer. Finally around 7pm the game starts and the stadium is really packed.
The game is really exciting, It would be hard to describe the whole game the whole time. I will say it lasted 13 innings, with the Cubs winning with a Grand Slam homerun at the end. They played against Houston Astros, a very exciting game, I would come back here for baseball anytime.

I enjoyed the game big time and will be a good memory of mine when I was in Chicago.

I make it back to hotel later in the evening after midnight, as the game was so long and challenging.

Stay tuned for one more day of Chicago.

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