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Day 4 of East Coast Adventure

Day 4 of East Coast Adventure River at Low Tide

Tidal Bore Rafting

Get up this morning and off for another adventure in Nova Scotia. I am off for a rafting adventure called Tidal Bore Rafting. I leave Halifax and head off this dirt road to get to this type of resort located on the River. This Shubenacadieriver is connected to the ocean in which has tides. When the tides come in, it goes against the current of the river and it creates tidal bores, waves that are high.

The name of the resort I get to is called TIDAL BORE RAFTING PARK & COTTAGES


Day 4 of East Coast Adventure

River at Low Tide


Zodiac Boat Adventure

It was a good adventure. I got there early morning when the tide was out. So water level was very low. I meet up with a group of 5 ladys from Nova Scotia and we board this zodiac boat. First we put on these yellow water suits and looks like we might get wet. Getting on the boat our drive goes down this river. We stop at a sand bar and walk around for a while. Felt like walking on the moon as it was all muddy here. After a while of slowly boating we watch the river and water come in. The tides is now starting to come in. Within a few minutes the entire river changed from being all quiet to a raging river. There are all these waves everywhere. Our driver takes us over the waves and get catch lots of jumps in the process. As well we get all wet and muddy in the process a good day. Hard to describe the entire experience, unless you do the trip yourself, so you have to book it. After the trip we are all cold and wet, big time, but good times. We make it back to the chalet and warm showers are provided. After getting cleaned up, there is a BBQ Steak lunch served with hot chocolate, quite good food.

Afternoon Rest

From here, it has been a busy day and then I make it back to the city and hotel. Go for a rest this afternoon. This evening was going to go out but it started to rain big time, to the point you could not see outside anywhere too well, so I stayed in the hotel for the evening. Tomorrow I am off to leave Halifax and on to a journey to Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province.

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