Day 4 of Golden Fleece, Istanbul, Turkey – Contiki

Day 4 of Golden Fleece, Istanbul, Turkey – Contiki Mosque

Day 4 of Golden Fleece, Istanbul, Turkey

We get up this morning after a short sleep myself, cause some of us decided to go out to a club last night. I bravely like a hero, meet up with the group in the meeting room.

carpet shop watch out for the sales guys!

Day 4 of Golden Fleece, Istanbul, Turkey - ContikiWe are going to do another tour of the Istanbul this morning. We board the Contiki bus and set off on a drive about of the city. The city is quite western style, with modern buildings and franchises. You can see many Starbucks and Burger Kings all around everywhere. We go across the Bosphurus bridge into the Asian part of the city. This city expands into 2 regions, Europe and Asia.

We then head off to do a tour of the Blue Mosque, which is almost the capital of the entire Muslim world. After reading the long list of rules, before going in, we take our shoes off and go into this amazing building. It is full of great windows and the structure is amazing. The entire floor is covered with a huge huge carpet, very amazing. After taking many photos here we are off to our next adventure.

Day 4 of Golden Fleece, Istanbul, Turkey - Contiki

We go to the new Bazaar area and visit a Turkish Carpet factory. Here we are given a demonstration of how the carpets are made with some apple tea. After the presentation an army of sales men enter the room and we are almost bombard by haggling carpet salesmen, trying to get a sale from all of us, I bought nothing and left!

We walk around the area and admire all the goods up for sale, and ignore the haggling sales people.

From here we make it to the Hagia Sophia

Day 4 of Golden Fleece, Istanbul, Turkey - Contiki

 Museum, which is another huge mosque, very amazing place.  It is amazing how anyone could build a structure like this.

Afterwards it was back to the ship for a lunch outside on the deck, overlooking the skyline of Istanbul, another great buffet of course.

Then back for another tour, this time to the Topkapi Palace museum.

Istanbul is a breathtaking sight where East meets west. Why not visit the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace museum. Which is of huge grounds and has many good artefacts that may have been seen in many Indiana Jones’s Movies.

The palace is full of many gold artworks, in the walls, doorways and even the ceiling. A very amazing place overall.

From here we make it back to the ship as we are leaving in about an hours time. Setting sail for Mykonos, Greece for tomorrow morning.

The ships leaves port and later that evening we head down for dinner again and have something amazing again for dinner, which is followed by drinks in the Venus bar.

The best drink today was always having

Day 4 of Golden Fleece, Istanbul, Turkey - Contiki

the “cocktail of the day” which was something fruity but was good regardless.

That was my blog for today. A day of seeing some amazing history. Wait till next blog of Mykonos, Greece.

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