Day 4 of Las Vegas

Day 4 of Las Vegas

Day 4 of Las Vegas more of the canyon

Day 4 of Las Vegas Adventure.

Get up this morning later on. Today is just a chill and relax day in Las Vegas. I go and check a few more casinos out. Then make my way to a some casinos. Pick up some souvenirs at a few stores.

I would do another excursion out of the city, but probably is most of the mare already booked up.

I go and hang out at the Venetian for awhile and then over to The Mirage again.

I then find a spot by the Flamingo, someone selling inside Draft for one dollar. So I go in and check it out. Have a few drafts and then play some slots.

Overall Las Vegas was good adventure. Most people who go here, take it easy type of trip and just chill.

I could go on about the trip, but it would be boring. As I was just doing the Las Vegas things for the next 2 days.

For the final day I flew back home and it was a good journey home, flying on North West Airlines., The flight home was good and uneventful. Had no problems what so ever.

That was my time in Las Vegas.

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