Day 4 USA and Cruise 2014

Day 4 USA and Cruise 2014

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Day 4 of USA and Cruise 2014

So final day of time in Denver. I was planning to do a trip of drive in mountains but i like the city too much to leave it. Figure city has lots to offer and spend more time here.
Take my time getting up today and go have some coffee in the room.
Then set off from hotel and walk to downtown . another 7 mile walk to downtown. Figure be a good way to burn off supper from night before. Walking is good, nice and sunny out and get to see more residential areas of the city. Finally making it to downtown area. Have to admit I have done too much walking. Feet are hurting. Anyways onward to 16th street as to look for a place for lunch Mission is to find the Tilted Kilt as my choice to eat today.

If your not familar its a place similar to Hooters but apparently different and better. So walking on 16th street i search for it and finally find it. Only to decide i rather not eat there. Very busy at moment being lunch hour and noisy people watching football in there. so i go look for something else. I finally find this one plaza area with several restaurants in it. I walked past the Coyote Ugly bar and bouncer is standing outside warning people to not go in cause it sucks lol.
Walking by i can see no one in there and one girl dancing on the bar. all well. I find this pizza place that is Italian in the plaza. go in and sit down. Local business and sell local beer. I think. I have this Belgian White beer, very nice . Pizza you order by custom, you select the toppings. The name of the pizza place is Grimaldis.

Very good I recommend. Will have a review in separate page. I get an extra beer as well on the house. Good service. So leave here and walk around more in mall area. Ride the free mall bus up the street just to ride it. Check out the bridge that is over the tracks and a few other nice pedestrian bridges. Come along to a nice park as well. Overall been a good time in Denver. Feet are sore so need to take time off of them again. So take taxi back to hotel and rest again in room. Rooms is cleaned up and ready. Relax with a nice glass of Dr Pepper and write this blog. Dinner tonight is in the hotel’s restaurant. a Good meal. Chicken parmesian. with Cheesecake and wine. Good combination. Overall i recommend everyone to check it out.Rest of evening is doing this blog and lights out. Onward to a new adventure tomorrow. To Santa Fe New Mexico, going to be fun and exciting. thanks.

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