Day 5 and 6 of Ohio Adventure 2014

ssmarie0So day 4 was just the race account I included. I hope you enjoy.
So being day 5 is now way home journey. I get up early today as its going to be a long drive back to up to Sault Ste Marie.
Leave Loudonville and slowly make drive to Interstate. quite foggy this morning as i can see lots of mist in the distance. Finally make way to main interstate. and the drive north through michigan. finally since not racing now. I can eat unhealthy for once. I make a morning stop at one rest stop. and what do i get. a Dr Pepper and some chips, wow so healthy.
Then continue driving for a few hours. GPS uses the most fastest route and overall a good route I am doing.
so later on make a lunch stop in the town of Grayling, Michigan. I make a healthy choice in lunch and stop at Burger King. Temperature out side is quite hot. Have a number 1, which is a whopper, fries and a medium coke. Fries and burger are great. So sitting around and observing the people walking and driving in this town. Seems that many have had too much burger king!, that is all I am going to say.

So finally i finish up and then leave. Go get some gas and make journey up north again. Listen to Prime country in satellite radio. Overall drive is quite uneventful. Best part that is worth seeing is going across the Mackinac Bridge which was quite neat. Also going across the customs bridge back to Canada is quite neat as well. HAve to pay some tolls but not much. Pass through customs without a problem.

Getting into SSMArie is a little depressing. the moment you leave customs you drive to downtown and first thing you see is the OLG SSMarie casino, not the best site to see, when you work at one,
make way to nice hotel the Super 8 in Great Northern Rd.

so i stay in for supper tonight. I ordered Dominos pizza, from online.
The fastest time i ever got a pizza before. from order time to delivery to my door was like 6 minutes, amazing!
so rest of evening i just walk around in neighbourhood. being Sunday, not much was happening
So quite quiet as it is.
So overall that was the time in SSMarie.

So to sum up about Day 6. I like to just mention drive back to Tbay was fine. Got gas before i left at Shell. And parking lot was full of rednecks.
did a few stops along the route, but it was cool and raining the whole time. another gas stop in White River, seemed like a nice little town actually.
Rest of time driving could not see much due to the heavy rain. Overall was a good time in.

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