Day 5 Adventure in Chicago

Day 5 Adventure in Chicago ,July 28th, 2009

It is day 5 of my Chicago Adventure. Last day of being in this really fine city. I am going to miss this city.

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Today being my last day. Nothing too much planned today. Otherwise taking it easy. I go onto the train and go check out more areas to walk around in that seem interesting.Day 5 Adventure in Chicago

I make my way to China town here and its kinda neat area. One main street for Chinatown, good shops and buildings here. I then make to around the Lincoln Ave area near the University there and walk around those neighbourhoods.

I spent most of the day just walking around different neighbourhoods and checking out all the cool buildings. I go hang out off of the water front again for a while and enjoy my time in Chicago

That is how my day is spent.
Quite good
Later on in evening, I get in touch with another travbuddy. This one girl named Laurie I met from TB and get in touch with her. I go and meet her and her friend in the area of town called Buck town a really awesome looking area. Lots of old buildings and tonnes of pubs everywhere. I meet Laurie and her friend Ali and go to some pubs nearby for a few drinks. IT was short evening but really nice and good to meet another TB again.

Overall a great day.

I make it back to my hotel on the train safe, on route on the metro, on the train was a transvestite hooker sitting in the corner. Some guy came on train and make a sale with that person, too funny.Day 5 Adventure in Chicago

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To tell you about the next morning, get up early around 5am to take train to midway airport. Fly Porter from there back to Toronto. Going through Canada Customs they search my bags for no reason, I guess random search. Quite annoying and I was being polite and cooperative and they were verbally rude.

All well Welcome to Canada.

That is my blog for my Adventure to Chicago. IT was a great city and I love to go back some day.

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