Day 5 of Adventure and Review

Day 5 of Adventure and Review October 4th, 2010

Day 5 of Adventure and ReviewGet up this fine morning and make my way for an amazing breakfast again, some waffles and yogurt today. Seems many other people are here at this time including a group on motorbikes. Quite interesting. Then I am off to the main historical town this morning and park at the Battery . It is a such a nice day and I want to enjoy this fine town once again. So I go about walking all morning long running into locals and tourists alike and comment about this amazing city. I come across more areas that I have missed before, very interesting place. Have a walk around to Charleston College and other areas. Have a lunch stop at a local burger place in town to which it is totally amazing food. How nice to have something so simple become so amazing great.

After walking around so many hours I decided I want to go back to Folly Beach as I may not see the SC coast in a long time again. So I leave Charleston and make that wonderful drive to Folly beach and end up parking in same spot I parked before. I walk along the beach and seems the tide is starting to come in. Many people can be surfing in the ocean at this time. I make my way down to the wharf running into a few locals in the area. Get a nice sunburn in the process. On the way back as I make the way to the bridge I parked at , the tide is almost in. I am walking in waist deep water to reach the stairs. How about talk about good timing.

From here I then drive around the Island to The County Park and then off to another nearby island that starts with a K.

Overall it was an amazing day. I could say more but the rest I will share with you in all my photos. So enjoy.

One more day of trip to tell you stay tuned. Any any questions yet????

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