Day 5 Of Calgary 2003

Day 5 Of Calgary 2003

Day 5 Of Calgary 2003 My Alberta Adventure


Get up this morning as today shall be the highlight of my whole trip. I am going white water rafting for the first time ever. I head out in the car to Kananaskis Park area up HWY Trans Canada past the Petrol Canada to an abandoned gas station.

Chinook Rafting

This is the meet up area for the tour. I am going with a company called Chinook rafting. The van come and I am waiting with 5 other people from other parts of Canada. We are met by a driver and 2 River Guides. I forgotten their names already. We go over a briefing of things to come and then sign our lives away on some type of waiver.

We drive to another spot in the park, where we are given our equipment and change. The equipment is dry suits, splash jacket and a helmet, all to which are highly needed out there.

Day 5 Of Calgary 2003


The 6 of us grab this raft and we walk down the hill to the river below, the excitement is building to this point. We drop the raft into the water and we all pile in. We touch off into the water and go over a small drop off at the beginning, BOOM, very exciting and wet. Good thing we have the dry suit on, as the water is all glacier waters.
We continue down the river where we encounter our first set of rapids, so as we get closer and closer our guide tells us on his mark to all pile into the center of the boat. We get near the water and we all pile in the center and go through the rapids. IT is a very exciting feeling, totally amazing. You all have to try this out. I could go on the whole experience but you have to try it yourself.
The scenery out here is unbelievable as the mountains are everywhere.

Day 5 Of Calgary 2003


We stop at a point to get a feel of what it feels like to get swiped by a high current. We all take turns jumping in to the water and letting the current take us down stream. There is a safety line at the end to which we grab on to. I try to go in the water and find the current is very strong, to point you don’t feel you have control. Now I know what people go through in flash floods.

Off For Lunch

We stop at our first stop of the day for lunch, one guy has a tend setup and burger are being BBQ’ed everywhere it is amazing. The burgers were big and yummy and we all had 2 each , very good.

Second Part of Rafting

Then we meet up with more people and pile into the van again. We go up to another river in the area. There are now 2 rafts going in 2 groups. We all depart at same time and enter the water. Rapids here are a lot stronger then last area.

Day 5 Of Calgary 2003


We go down stream and encounter a big drop off coming up. The group ahead of us tries it first, going over they all flip in  the raft and everyone goes everywhere. very funny.
Everyone is ok.
We go over the drop off and survive it greatly. Up stream we pick up 2 more members of that group and take the to rejoin their family.

Afterwards we are done with rafting, the 6 hours went by fast, leaving us craving for more. I have to do this again in the future.

We are taken back to parking lot where we leave van and take all off.
I get into the car and head back to Calgary, reflecting on the great day I had today, amazing.

Back at hotel, I go for more burgers at Hooters tonight and am treated to a nice service by my waitress.

Quiet evening tonight and one more day of Alberta. stay tuned.

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