Day 5 of Ilha Grande – Another Day

Day 5 of Ilha Grande – Another Day

Day 5 of Ilha Grande - Another Day

Ilha Grande Port Area

Today we get up for another amazing breakfast, the weather looks good and its seems very nice out. We are going to do some snorkeling today at some more beach. WE all go down to the port and board a boat and go on a mini cruise in the water. THe tunes are playing and we are being served caprinhas the wholes time. It is very nice, we get to this one spot of snorkeling, my first time to snorkel, it is an amzing experience.

The area were are at is so clear in the water, you can see many many schools of fish everywhere. Very amazing place.  From here we stop for lunch on the boat, the operators are doing a bbq for us on the boat. It is quite amazing food, very good and tasty. We then head off to another remote beach and do some more snorkeling and swimming in the salt water. Here we see a cemetary as well in the forest, quite a mystery.

Day 5 of Ilha Grande - Another Day

Ilha Grande – Little Paradise

This place has been a very relaxing place that is why I have no written much.  We leave our little paradise and head back to the town.

Before dinner tonight some of us go relax in the pool for while with beer for some time. Later we go off into town and go for dinner at a local restaurant, quite a nice meal, more of a mom and pop operation. IT was a amazing meal.

Indulge in Tasting Ice Cream

Later after dinner we go off for some sweets to a ice cream parlour, where you can scoop your own ice cream. There are over 50 different types of ice cream here from vanilla, chocolate to even Corn flavour. I have some chocolate ice cream here and its amazing good.

We go for a walk around and enjoy the nice evening of this little paradise.  Tomorrow we leave and head off to the city of Paraty.

Stay tuned for my adventures in Paraty.

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