Day 5 of Revelstoke Ski Adventure

Day 5 of Revelstoke Ski Adventure Ski Trip and BC Adventure

Day 5 of Ski Trip and BC Adventure,February 23rd, 2010
Get up this morning and slept in a bit more as I am done skiing and now off to Kelowna for a day before I fly home.
I have early morning flight home tomorrow and Revy is 2 hours from Kelowna, easier to be close to airport in case of bad weather.1294122_12673253451834_bigthumb Day 5 of Revelstoke Ski Adventure

Get up and go to the breakfast room, one last time, have my waffles then check out of this amazing place. Going to miss this place and will make it back and stay at Swiss Chalet Motel again.
I head off out of the town and back to Kelowna. The drive back is quite good, lots of fog in some areas of the road and get to see some of the mountains. Pass through Vernon again and the GPS acts up and sends me on wrong route. I end up in some residential area and have to do a few wild turns all over town to get back to the main highway.

On Route To Kelowna

Finally after doing the scenic route I make it back to the highway on route to Kelowna.
I make it into city of Kelowna and on to the motel I am staying at. Super 8 motel just off main highway.
It is a good place and check in early. I get a parking spot just outside my door again which is amazing.
Go into my room and figure out rest of my day. I go through my maps and decide on today’s adventure.

1294122_12673253458846_bigthumb Day 5 of Revelstoke Ski AdventureI first leave the room and drive to the local mall, Orchard Mall. Time for lunch so I go to a food court and have some Chinese food, as I am hungry want something quick. Food was good and then I walk through the mall, which is nice and clean and has many stores.

Kelowna Downtown

I then drive to the downtown area of Kelowna to check it out. I park at a spot out side of a Travel lodge hotel and then walk about. A very nice looking downtown area, with lots of entertainment, food places and parks. Very impressive downtown area, clean and no bums anywhere. I then walk to the Delta Hotel and see the amazing real estate here. I then walk the walkway of the park near the lake, a very nice day as it is +2c and no snow anywhere. It is all green grass here and the smell of spring is in the air. A wonderful place to go and recommend everyone to check it out. Lots of good sculptures here to see as well. Many people were out walking and walking their dogs.1294122_12673253533173_bigthumb Day 5 of Revelstoke Ski Adventure

Later on in the evening I will return to this nice downtown area and spend my final night with a final drink in a local pub. Quite impressive for a medium size city to have all of this goodness. That is my ski adventure trip.

Next day I get up and make my flight home with WestJet. Return my car to airport and a good direct flight home. With a stop over in Calgary and Winnipeg.

Thank you for reading my blogs and I enjoyed sharing you my adventure.

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