Day 5 – Road Trip USA 2013

Day 5 in St Louis

Check Out CMB Fast – St. Louis

Day 5 – In St. Louis
October 24 2013

Picture 011 - the Arch

Get up this morning and ready for the day of action in St. Louis. Have a banana and some yogurt for bk and then get ready.
First plan of action is visit the Arch in the city. So drive off I 55 and make it into the city of downtown St. Louis. Driving around the city was not that hard at all. Found it to be quite easy and no problems at all. Park at the official parking garage for the Arch. Then walk to the front park of the city. A very nice area. Good things the Govt shutdown ended. This would been so bad to have missed. So make my way to the Arch and read about the history of this amazing monument. Make way to the elevator which is really a tram. In a set of 6 different cars or pods to which it looks like. You can fit up to 6 people in the pods and is a very tight squeeze. Ride up to the top is about 3 minutes, no windows except for the inside stairwell. Finally reach the top and its very neat. The top is a lookout point of both sides of St. Louis. The main Missouri side and the Illinois side. Very neat, from here make out plans for rest of day as to map out the city from here. Can see the Casino Queen on the Illinois side and well into the bad area i was in the night before as well. Areas look way different in day time vs the night.
From here then i make my way down the elevator and my adventure of the Arch is done. This was one of the last main USA landmarks I needed to do. Now I am done.,  I think, may be something I have missed. Someone remind me.

Check Out CMB Fast – St. Louis

From there i then walk arouPicture 034 - view from top of Arch (7)nd the downtown core of the city. I visit the Old Courthouse which is also one of the main attractions of the city. Very impressive building and inside is a museum that shows a picture history of the city from how it was form up the modern times. One attraction I recommend. While here was a group of small school children who were running around the building like little Mexicans. Very loud and you had to watch where you walked. From there then just walk more in downtown. Going up the court buildings and onto the Union train station. Made way past the Busch Gardens which is the stadium where the Cardinals play. Wish i would be in the city on the weekend as the team is playing in the World Series in baseball. Would have been awesome to be there for a game.
So do another circle route walking through the city and onward to get one last look of the arch. Go pick up the car from the parkade and head off to check out Forest Park. This park is similar to Central park in NYC but only bigger. A different experience but something amazing. Check out the science center here and the surround features of the park.
For lunch make my way back into Collinsville and have spaghetti at the nearby Denny’s . A good place for casual eating but very good. I rate that restaurant on high marks. Would highly recommend.  On ward for next day as will be driving to Oklahoma City in Oklahoma , which should be a good experience.

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