Day 5 USA and Cruise 2014

Day 5 of USA and Cruise 2014
October 2014

Day 5 of adventure today off to Santa Fe New Mexico and leaving Denver.Get up this morning around 530 as flight is around 9 but have to take shuttle to airport. Pack things up and just have coffee in room. then go downstairs and wait for hotel shuttle. shuttle comes and several people are on it. Do a pickup at the holiday inn then head to airport. smooth going and no traffic. Get to the Denver airport. have a hard time trying to find the Southwest airline checkin. Then realize in other terminal. So go and i already checked in. First time flying with southwest so i tell you about it. Anyways going through airport security For ID I show the TSA person my drivers licence.

She tells me she won’t accept a Canadian driver’s licence, so i show her my passport. Anyways, whatever. so go and wait to get on Southwest. So with Southwest you dont get a seat number. instead its a free for all when boarding. you get a line number. So you line up according to your number. Odd concept. I am in the B line. So after a few minutes board. I get a seat in back in the dreaded middle spot. all well. So plane takes off and drink service comes. I have an orange juice that bout it. hour long flight to Albuerque. So land there and go to get the shuttle to get to Santa Fe. Sandia Shuttle. It is booked for 1130am but i am early and let me on it. A few other people are on board this bus. I am first off the bus in Santa Fe. at the Santa Fe Sage in. I tip the driver and he is grateful.

Check in at the Sage in is fast. hotel is nice. i have a review for you in another area.
So get a Dr pepper at room and figure out day. Head out and walk towards old town. I come across for lunch this nice burger place near by called the Shake Foundation. very good sell burgers with Green Chile. Amazing. Will have review for you in other part of Tripadvisor.
So walk into old town and to the Plaza of the city. Very nice place. old buildings and very historical. I share rest in my photos on this one. Visit a couple of churches and see 2 museums i will do next day. Overall good experience. However i am here for 3 nights. seems like i have covered what i needed to do in Santa Fe. so im stuck at what to do next. for the other 2 days. All well i was going be suggestions.
Anyways head back to hotel later and buy some food from the Whole foods grocery store around the corner, very convenient. I find most of the products in that store are all organic. however very expensive, wow. Buy a bottle of wine and get carded by cashier. but all well.
So back to room and just take it easy, naked. lol, well one has to relax.
dinner tonight is in room, wine, cheese and organic sandwich actually quite good
then i wrote this blog.
Stay tuned for next day.
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