Day 6 and 7 – Cruise and USA 2014

Day 6 of Cruise
November 6 2014

So today is just an at sea day. now nearing end of cruise, with one more port of call. Thank goodness
Good thing i did this 7 day cruise as did it for the experience and be an observer to the whole experience. As being one more for adventure travel and sightseeing, and trying out this package tourist thing, it is different, good and bad like anything else. However with all the amenities that ship has to offer i am finding i am suffering from a huge case of boredom. Considering not a big social bar person, most of the ship is made up of bars and restaurants. having simple needs, this is all not in my interest what so ever. However experience of this type of cruise has been good. now i know what i like and dont like, will do a cruise again, but look to options of having more ports of call , which give a better balance to the day vs doing nothing.

Doing this package tourist route, is one observation, many of people who do this are more like just dumb people or out to get away from it all and be mindless. Good and bad with it all. Being a big ship has been good but finding that being around the general public all the time has given away from the experience. Its like being at work all the time. Almost good in some aspects but lacks the private function of it all. Perhaps in a future cruise will go with more of a smaller ship or something with less people on it. type of thing

Anyways will make a more longer review of my cruise experience later on. So being a sea day. end up being a boring day. Being at sea and looking at the water is priceless, but like i said most of things on the ship i done, and dont need to do again and other things are not my thing.

So have breakfast today, and its fruit and bacon. Then sit on the deck for a few hours, then buy 2 shirts from the store. gift shirts from the Garden alley and show the ship on it. Then have lunch and have a salad and fruit. Then have private time all afternoon in state room on the balcony, however i love it, just keeping it simple. Then clean up and have dinner, in the buffet again of the cattle herding. but good. then some ice cream, then walk around deck and do my usual rounds, walking all over the place, having wait for cabin steward to finish room, then its done and time to write this blog, keeping it simple. Anyone out there who reads this, please help and i like your feedback if u read this. thanks anyone who cruised as well.




Day 7
November 7 2014

So final day of cruise today. I will not speak about the next day which is more of transport from Florida to home, so boring.
So anyways get up early this morning and make it to the buffet area before everyone else this time. Looking at time we should be docking in Bahamas around 10am or so.
So have a power house breakfast this morning. Then pack up things in room and looking out window looks like we arriving to Nassau, Bahamas early. First site is the view of the resort of Atlantis, which looks amazing. We arrive at port early and i get out and finally off this ship. more less spend the entire day walking the town of nassau. Go to a few beaches, and the straw market. etc.

Interesting place, actually like it here would like to visit more some day. In market many straw things for sale and many merchants trying to sell their goods.
So walk all way on Bay Street to one point and then back . Going past the main government buildings. Also see all the diamond shops that are sold by the cruiselines.
Then walk across the bridge to paradise island to ATlantis resort, go to paradise beach and actually very nice beach, i buy a can of coke. then walk back to ship and almost time to go. Overall been a good experience this cruise. Will cruise again but looking for a different experience for sure.

Back on ship, have a few more drinks from bar, then a big crazy meal from the buffet and a few desserts. which i almost fainted afterwards.\

To end the cruise in H20 deck they did an amazing firework show afterwards. Quite amazing to see fireworks on a cruiseships.

Anyways that is the end!

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