Day 6 for South America Trip Paraty, Brazil

Day 6 for South America Trip Paraty, Brazil

Day 6 for South America Trip Paraty, Brazil

Travel To Paraty

Today we are to leave this island paradise of Ilha Grande and travel to Paraty, Brazil.

Get up this morning and have another good breakfast of fruit and coffee. Then make our way to the port again to board another one of those fancy open roof boats. We disembark the island and head off to the main land. It is a very nice sunny day today and weather is quite warm.
We arrive at some port side town where our van is waiting for us to take us to Paraty. We put our bags on the van and the weirdest thing is the driver informs us that we are not allowed to board the van here. Some rule of the port as people are not allowed to board commercial transport here, very odd.

Day 6 for South America Trip Paraty, Brazil harbour

Anyways We then all get into taxis and make our way about 10 minutes out of town. We get out of the taxis and find ourselves in the middle of no where, right in front of some favellas. So here we are standing here all confused with all these locals staring at us.
The driver for some reason has not arrived and is no where to be seen, even though he left before we did.

Our trip leader, Alexandra is walking around and making phone calls, apparently she finds out the driver was confused of the pickup spot and went elsewhere. Finally after about 20 minutes the drive shows up with all our bags intact as well.

Service Station – Reshop

We get on the van and make our journey towards Paraty. On route we do a quick rest stop at a service station, Reshop.

Day 6 for South America Trip Paraty, Brazil

ITs a nice location with 3 services, a convenience store, a snack shop and a small restaurant.

very nice streets

Well checking the 2 shops only food that is served here is chips, pop and cookies, so all sugar. I get some chips for the road and feast on that for the duration.
We make it into the city of Paraty, which is quite a nice place. All the streets are a nice cobblestone street area.
We get to are simple hotparaty2 Day 6 for South America Trip Paraty, Brazilel and its not a bad place. Afterwards some of us head out on our own to check out this nice little place. The area is nice and the place is very historic. The streets are designed for water flow  as the high tide in morning goes through the city.
Don and I make it to the beach area for awhile. It is very scenic area, as we watch the sun go down here. We enjoy a nice cool beer while sitting on the public chairs here.


Later in the evening we join the group and go out to a nice brazil type of restaurant, it is called the Candeeiro, which has a singer playing as well. I order some veal that night and it was quite amazing.
From here after we left we wander the nice streets again and finally we make it to another ice cream shop. Have a nice chocolate chip ice cream cone.
That is our adventure for the day. Tomorrow, more of Paraty.

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