Day 6 May 2 2009 – Chivay/Colca Canyon – Peru Adventure

Day 6 May 2 2009 – Chivay/Colca Canyon – Peru Adventure Chivay Travel

Today is May 2nd 2009. We leave Arequipa on route to Chivay which is way in the Andean Mountain region of Peru.

This route we see many llamas, alpacas and vicunas and discover the differences between these similar creatures. Many opportunities for photos on the way as well some sampling of local tastes.Day 6 May 2 2009 - Chivay/Colca Canyon - Peru Adventure
We are on a route that keeps going up and up in elevation. We do a stop at a location where Coca Leaf tea is sold. This is the opportunity to try out the tea. So I have a cup of Coca leaf tea which tastes just like Green Tea. It is full of nutrients and good for you. Just read up on the Coca Leaf and you will be amazing about the good potential this element has. Too bad I can’t bring any back home, as society needs to research more into the Coca Leaf.

Anyhow, I have a photo of Coca Leaf tea in this blog.Day 6 May 2 2009 - Chivay/Colca Canyon - Peru Adventure

We reach the high point of the area at our 3rd stop at Patapampa. The elevation here is around 4800 above sea level and is the highest spot on our tour. At this point a few in the group are feeling the effects of altitude sickness. However, I myself am fine the only thing I am getting is a feeling of a small appetite and that is it.

From here we make our descend back down into the valley where we stop in town of Chivay.
We stop for lunch at an amazing restaurant, here they are having a all you can eat buffet and its everything included. I didn’t realize how much my appetite was affected by the elevation. So normally I loaded up my plate with food, right to the top. Once I started to eat, I knew i made a mistake, as I was only able to have a few bites and I felt full.

So i wasted quite bit of food, too bad.

Day 6 May 2 2009 - Chivay/Colca Canyon - Peru AdventureOnce lunch was done we went off to our small hotel which was just a few blocks away.
After dropping bags off we go as a group for a short trek in the near by hill side. We catch an amazing view of a creak and a terrace.
Afterwards we are off to some thermal springs, to the hot thermal baths in the area. The baths are heated by sulphur so there is bit of a smell. We go to a different pool then Andres went to and had more space and quiet then the one he went to. The baths are quite good, however, like any sauna or hot tub, you can’t stay in for more then an hour. After an hour we get out and get changed, after walking to other side of the park in swim costume in the freezing cold as it was dark and cold now.

We head back to hotel and change, then its dinner time.
We walk to a local restaurant for dinner, I have some pasta tonight and a Coca- Cola. We are entertained by a local bunch who play traditional music and dance provided. Then there is more dancing by locals in traditional dress costumes.

Ends up being a good culture experience and quite satisfying. I have to admit I was totally chicken and vowed out in dancing tonight when asked. I should have done so for experience.

Dinner is done now, so back to hotel. Out here in the mountains its gets quite cold at night. In my room I have 5 wool blankets on the bed as no source of heating is available in this are, its just how things are done.

Makes it more of good adventure, that is my evening and soon next blog to follow for next day.

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